Green Hope’s Scholar Athlete: Josh Bevan


Emma Despa

Bevan takes the field in his senior season for soccer.

Aariz Khan, Staff Writer

Green Hope Senior Josh Bevan (‘23) has impacted Green Hope on the field and in the classroom. Bevan has played three sports at Green Hope; Soccer, Basketball, and Lacrosse. Although he is best known for his success on the field or court, he has also made an impact in the classroom. Bevan was recently named the Scholar Athlete of the Month by WRAL. The GHFalcon sat down with Josh to discuss his accomplishments.

Can you describe the award you received and how you became a candidate for it?

I received the award from Coastal Credit Union and 99.9 the Fan for being a scholar athlete. I have played soccer (4 yrs), basketball (3 yrs) and lacrosse (2 yrs) at Green Hope. I was captain of the soccer team for 2 yrs. While playing sports I have been able to maintain a GPA above 4.0. I have been active within the school and the community with various activities.

What plans do you have after high school – Do you plan on playing sports in college?

I plan on attending NC State University – hopefully studying Business with an emphasis on Data Analytics. I plan on playing for the club soccer team and participating in multiple intramural sports teams. 

How has the Green Hope environment helped foster your athletic career?

Green Hope has always been looked highly upon by people within and outside our school for the superior quality of athletic teams. Green Hope has always supported me by allowing me to participate in various sports. The coaches, teachers and principal have all contributed to my athletic success.

How do you find motivation or what keeps you motivated?

I motivate myself in striving to always want to get better whether it’s hitting the weight room or extra time on the practice field. I want to improve myself in order to better help the team succeed.

What adversities have you faced and how did you overcome them?

A main adversity that I have faced along with a lot of other athletes was during the COVID years. Trying to keep myself motivated and striving to get to the next level. Those years were very challenging for me but I’m glad I kept up my motivation and excelled on the field and in the classroom to achieve the results the team had.

Is there anything valuable you have learned from your teammates?

The main thing I take away from my teammates is knowing we can rely on each other on or off the field. Trusting your teammates leads to success

What advice would you give to other student athletes to help them balance academics and athletics?

Advice to future student athletes would be to work hard. Hard work beats talent. Plan and work ahead on your school work. If you really want something you have to put in the effort. That effort will be rewarded.

As Josh finishes his career at Green Hope, the GHFalcon wishes him the best in the next chapter of his career.