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Beaches, like Myrtle Beach are a popular tourist destination during the summer.

Affordable summer vacation spots

Tri Do, Staff Writer May 23, 2024

School is nearing its end. After finals, the busy weeks spent studying can be spent on fun activities. With so much free time, one might question how to pass the time. Many people choose to go on vacations....

The Tesla Cybertruck has presented a variety of issues over the past few years, losing the trust of its consumers.

Cybertrucks cruising onto campus

Armaan Minhas, Staff Writer May 16, 2024

Tesla Motors has made countless breakthroughs in the automotive industry with revolutionary electric vehicles and even autonomous driving that requires no constant supervision from operators. On Nov. 21,...

Taking senior pictures is a tradition that allows students to showcase their unique personalities.

Picture perfect: A guide to senior pictures

Y-Nhu Do, Student Life Editor May 10, 2024

Senior pictures are a timeless graduation tradition where students can capture their personality in celebration of their final year of high school. Some students opt to go with a professional photographer,...

A messy workstation can make simple jobs much more difficult as more time is spent looking for resources rather than carrying out the job. Photo used with permission from Alexander Grey via Unsplash.

Getting it together: online organizational tools

Tri Do, Staff Writer May 8, 2024

Many successful students may employ different studying strategies, but many share one skill: the ability to effectively and strategically organize their tasks and responsibilities. Organizational skills...

There are hundreds of herbs to try to grow such as basil, chamomile, lavender and sage. Whether you love to drink tea or use them in food, growing your own herbs can be a fun way to spend your time throughout spring.

From seed to harvest: An herb growing guide

Itziar Carrasco Gomez, Opinion/Editorials Editor April 24, 2024

Growing plants can seem like a hard task, but herbs are a great way to start. They are quite easy to set up and grow from seeds, and this guide can help you through that endeavor. From pot to plant type,...

The pimento cheese festival was held at Downtown Cary Park on April 13.

Let’s get cheesy: Cary’s Pimento Cheese Festival

Regan Orlando, Staff Writer April 17, 2024

Cary’s sixth annual Pimento Cheese Festival took place on Saturday, April 13. Located in Downtown Cary Park, food trucks, small businesses and vendors gathered together to serve food and free samples. In...

Getting a job while still going to highschool is a good way to earn some money and can be added to your resume. Photo used with permission from Malaya Sadler on Unsplash

Summer jobs for students

Tri Do, Staff Writer April 16, 2024

Summer break approaches and with that comes a multitude of opportunities. These opportunities include the many internships and jobs that open up to students during the summer. In this article, the GH Falcon...

As the 2023-24 school year wraps up, juniors prepare for college applications. Photo used with permission from Philippe Bout on Unsplash

What every junior should do before their senior year

Justin Jackson, Staff Writer April 11, 2024

As high school students round third base on their journey towards graduation, there are a few necessary steps to set oneself up for success going forward. As they approach their final stretch of high school,...

Pictured is the current weight room where all equipment will be removed and placed in the new one.

Woodshop to weight room

Armaan Minhas, Staff Writer April 5, 2024

Green Hope’s sports teams will experience a major upgrade to their conditioning experience, transferring to a new weight room. The weight room will contain 10 squat racks for athletes to utilize while...

Muslims gather at the mosque to offer Taraweeh (night prayers) after breaking their fast, often finishing around 12am. Photo used with permission from Sarah Hussain.

From dawn to dusk: Ramadan 2024

Zeba Hussaini, Editor-in-Chief April 3, 2024

As the crescent moon ushers in the Islamic month of Ramadan, Muslims worldwide embark on a journey of spiritual reflection and steadfast devotion.  After the new moon's sighting, Ramadan began on Monday,...

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