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Concerts are a fun way to interact with your favorite artists surrounded by friends and fans. Photo by Anthony DELANOIX on Unsplash

Trips in the Triangle: Upcoming Concerts

Jason Huang, Staff Writer April 12, 2024

As the seasons start to change, Raleigh and the surrounding area will become hosts to more artists and their traveling convoys of artistry. Hoping to catch a memorable concert within the next two months?...

Having a vacuum cleaner and trash bags helps complete cleaning with ease.

Felicity Falcon: Spring Cleaning

Felicity Falcon, Advice-Giver-in-Chief April 12, 2024

Spring is a fresh start to the new quarter of the year, transitioning from a long, cold and murky winter into a warm, sunny and vibrant spring. As flowers bloom and the weather gets warmer, it’s time...

Nic Anderson (‘25) seen in the fall ‘23 advanced theater production of “The Terrible Infants.” The upcoming spring musical “9 to 5” will be her eleventh production with the Green Hope Theatre Company. Photo used with permission from Nic Anderson.

Talents of Theater: Nic Anderson

Max Spiegel, Staff Writer April 12, 2024

As the curtain for Green Hope Theatre Company’s spring musical, “9 to 5,” rises the character of Roz from the Dolly Parton musical adaptation steps onto center stage. The actress is none other than...

Pranks have evolved over the years starting as simple tricks like taking someones phone and scaring them from behind a door to pranks that can range from spreading misinformation and destruction of valuable objects. Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

April fooled?

Tri Do, Staff Writer April 11, 2024

From showers to overgrown flowers, April is a month that is considered to be an extremity by many people. April Fool's Day, on the first of the month, continues with this pattern adding to the growing...

Smoothie bowls from Nautical Bowl: the Nauti Bowl contains acaí, pitaya, freshly ground peanut butter, crunchy granola, and cacao nibs. The Sunrise Bowl contains blue majik, pitaya, granola, bananas, strawberries and honey.

Trips in the Triangle: Acai bowl places

Annabella Monge and Valentina Garcia April 9, 2024

National Acaí Bowl Day was Saturday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a sweet treat any day of the week! Below, you will find a list of places that are happy to provide you with precisely the type...

From the stage to the lighting booth to the makeup chair, Ipsi Vasipalli (‘25) plays a multifaceted and fundamental role in the Green Hope High School Theatre Company. For the spring musical 9 to 5, Vasipalli will work as the lighting designer.

Talents of Theater: Ipsi Vasipalli

Alan Shr, Staff Writer April 8, 2024

For many, lighting seems like a small part of a theater production. However, for Ipsi Vasipalli (‘25), the lighting designer for Green Hope’s spring musical “9 to 5,” lighting plays a profound...

According to the National Cancer Institute colorectal cancer is one of the deadliest cancers in the world.

It’s never too early: Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

Zeba Hussaini, Megan Khor, and Alan Shr March 31, 2024

As March unfolds, it comes with an imperative narrative – one of advocacy, resilience and unwavering determination. March marks Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, a dedicated time to shedding light...

Ria Rohilla (‘24) is seen constructing the set for Green Hope Theatre Company’s fall 2023 play, “Almost Maine.” Photo used with permission from Ria Rohilla.

Talents of Theater: Ria Rohilla

Max Spiegel, Staff Writer March 22, 2024

As the curtain rises on Green Hope Theater Company’s adaptation of the 1980 film “9 to 5,” one person stands backstage, the technical director of the play, and the set designer. That person is Ria...

Eva Alperovich (‘24) poses for a photo shoot after her performance of “The Marriage” at her old theater camp in Massachusetts. Photo used with permission from Eva Alperovich.

Talents of Theater: Eva Alperovich

Deepa Ramesh, Staff Writer March 22, 2024

As the spotlight beams down and the stage comes to life, Green Hope Theatre Company’s rendition of the 80’s hit, “9 to 5” is gradually taking shape. With each passing rehearsal, Green Hope’s...

Behind every small business, theres a story worth sharing. Photo by Krisztina Papp on Unsplash

Trips in the Triangle: Apex gems

Jason Huang, Staff Writer March 18, 2024

Known for being “the peak of good living,” Apex, North Carolina offers a diverse appeal of unique experiences. From cozy coffee shops to boutique stores, Apex has plenty to keep you busy. Whether you...

National Women’s History month centers around a different theme every year. In 2024, the theme is “Women Who Advocate for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.”

Who runs the world? Girls.

Annabella Monge, Staff Writer March 14, 2024

From trailblazing activists to modern-day pioneers, March serves as a month to honor the remarkable achievements of women throughout history. The U.S. granted women the right to vote through the 19th amendment...

Dianhao Li (25), portraying Lendall in Green Hopes production, “Almost Maine,” acts out a breakup with fellow member of the drama club. Photo used with permission from Dianhao Li.

Talents of Theater: Dianhao Li

Mason Cline, Staff Writer March 12, 2024

As the curtains open, one man stands center stage: junior and veteran member of Green Hope’s theater program Dianhao “Dan” Li.  Dan Li (‘25) was drawn to the fine arts after years of wondering...

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