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As school ends, a lot more time is open for watching movies. Summer is known for its blockbusters, and this summer is surely packed with plenty that range across genres!
Photo used with permession from Henry & Co. via Unsplash

Summer 2024: New movies

Max Spiegel, Staff Writer May 31, 2024

As we head into summer, the film industry is gearing up for the releases of highly anticipated movies, sure to captivate audiences. With a diverse range of genres within these releases, there is something...

The NBA playoffs have started, and the anticipation is high.​ From buzzer beater shots to comebacks, the stakes are high, and teams are battling for a shot at winning the championship.

Diving into NBA Playoffs

Jason Huang, Staff Writer May 8, 2024

The NBA playoffs are underway, and there is plenty to anticipate after an action packed start to the postseason. The top four teams in each conference will meet in a seven game series to determine who...

Girls State attendee Brooke Taylor seen taking a selfie with additional participants. Photo used with permission from Apple TV+.

“Girls State:” A captivating female empowerment story

Max Spiegel, Staff Writer April 26, 2024

Right before the world shut down in 2020, directors Amanda McBaine and Jesse Moss released their highly acclaimed documentary, “Boys State.” Four years later, their follow up “Girls State '' released...

“The Simpsons” season 35 recently began airing in 2024, which could allow for more predictions of world events to be revealed.

Future-tellers or fear mongerers?

Max Spiegel, Staff Writer April 21, 2024

Spanning 34 seasons and over 750 episodes, FOX’s “The Simpsons'' has become a staple. It is considered the longest running scripted television series of all time, debuting Dec. 17, 1989. While “The...

Cult classics can become great business if marketed the right way. Napoleon Dynamite merchandise is still popular today, despite the movie being over 2 decades old. Photo used with permission from Roberto Contreras via Unsplash.

Cult classics: Their past, present and future

Valentina Garcia, Staff Writer April 5, 2024

From Napoleon Dynamite to The Rocky Horror Picture, Cult Classics have shaped the progression of movies since the beginning of cinema.  When most people hear the word cult classic, their eyes likely...

A student’s expedition to translate 12 pages of Shakespearian literature turns into an afternoon nap.

Satire: Shakespeare is mid…

Isabel Westerlund and Valentina Garcia March 18, 2024

Wherefore doth we needeth to readeth Shakespeare? Yond's a valorous questioneth.  One yond I knoweth not the answ'r to.  Ev'ry year English classes teachest the lessons of Shakespeare to students in...

Some shows take up all the spotlight on Netflix, but here are some that deserve to be watched too. Photo used with permission from Venti Views via Unsplash.

The ultimate Netflix recommendation guide

Max Spiegel and Tanner Kannan March 13, 2024

From laugh out loud comedies to thrilling dramas, choosing what series to binge-watch on Netflix can be a difficult task. Whether you’re craving a cinematic masterpiece or a hidden gem, below are narrowed...

“Dune: Part Two” went on to gross around $178 million dollars in its opening weekend, being the biggest box office opening of 2024 so far.

Max at the Movies: Dune Part Two

Max Spiegel, Staff Writer March 8, 2024

After a three-year drought of Dune content and a series of writer and actor strikes delaying the film until 2024, audiences were welcomed back into theaters with the release of “Dune: Part Two”. When...

Over the past five years, construction vehicles have frequently been used as weapons to vandalize houses and harm others.

Paving the way to destruction

Miguel Carrasco Gomez, Staff Writer March 8, 2024

Construction vehicles are mainly used to aid in the creation of new, large structures. However, these vehicles have begun to be a prominent feature in crimes as tools and getaway vehicles. From ripping...

2024: March monthly playlist

Valentina Garcia, Staff Writer February 29, 2024

Surviving until graduation once you know of your college acceptances is especially difficult, the stress only grows.

SATIRE: Class of ‘24 memories

Armaan Minhas, Staff Writer February 13, 2024

With just five months left before Seniors depart the halls of Green Hope High for the last time, the time feels like it's passing all too fast.  The first day of regular in-person school for the Class...

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