Acing States: Olivia Corcoran’s championship win


GH Athletics

Olivia Corcoran takes home another State Championship title for Green Hope.

Lexie Davila, Sports Editor

Within the tennis team’s overwhelming success this season, junior captain Olivia Corcoran has made a name for herself individually. Corcoran recently won the NCHSAA 4A Women’s Individual State Championship, securing her spot as a top competitor.

As the first seed, Corcoran began her journey to the championship with a bye. In her first match, she dominated her opponent with a 6-0 first set win and 6-1 second set win to take the match. Shortly after this, Corcoran took on the Myers Park opponent in the semifinals. Similar to her first match, Corcoran ended the game with a swift victory. This placed her in the finals against Samantha Slowik of Jordan High School. With a tight first set loss of 4-6, Corcoran had to prepare herself for an uphill battle. She was able to regain her footing in the second set, coming back with a 6-0 win. The third, and final, set was another tight battle, but Corcoran pulled through with a 6-4 win to take the match.

In the culmination of her 10 years of experience, Corcoran’s love and passion for tennis has steadily grown to lead her to this moment of success. She stated that she “feels she performed pretty well” and that she is happy with her win, but knows the season isn’t over yet. As the team continues to compete in the State Tournament, she has an optimistic outlook on their performance. Corcoran stated that her two goals at the beginning of the season were to take both the Individual and Team titles, putting her at the halfway point to accomplishing those. As the team nears the end of the tournament, Corcoran is continuing to fulfill her captain role and lead the team to another win.

She is currently in communication with multiple colleges about pursuing tennis past high school. It will be exciting to see what further successes Corcoran will reach in her time as a Falcon.