A year in review: Green Hope’s 2022 recap

Yan Zimnitskaya and Peggy Chen

2022 was a year to remember for Green Hope students and staff. 

The seniors were out bright and early to show of their cars for the Senior Car Parade. (Neely Mallik)

In August, Mrs. Alison Cleveland succeeded Dr. Camille Hendrick as principal, bringing new policies and a passionate spirit to the school. Green Hope accomplished many feats throughout the year, demonstrating excellence in the arts, sports, and more, and ranking in the top five schools in the state. All achievements were done with more than just talent– they were accomplished in part due to the invigorating school spirit and nurturing community. 

The heart of the school is encompassed by the things that bring us all together. Early in the year, Green Hope hosted the senior car parade, the pep rally, and homecoming. The car parade encompassed the school spirit. Seniors got up early and decorated their car with their friends, displaying them to fellow peers on the first day of the school year. 

Student Council speaking at the pep rally, celebrating Green Hope athletes and pumping up school spirit.
(Jay Saggere)

The pep rally, filled with high energy music and cheering, was organized by the Student Council. The dance team, cheerleaders, and band all performed for the entire school to see. Jay Saggere (’23), student body president, commented on the pep rally, saying, “The Homecoming pep rally was planned by a committee of Student Council Members. During the Pep Rally, the StuCo committee spoke for various parts and ensured smooth transitions. After StuCo wrapped up, Falcon Frenzy led the Rally for games and cheers.” 

Music and theater programs have had success performing in a plethora of shows and productions, including the fall play Leaving Iowa, and Metamorphoses’ entry into the North Carolina Southeastern Theater Festival, earning a variety of individual awards for acting and technical direction. 

Green Hope’s theater program celebrates a successful season, putting on two theater productions, including Metamorphoses and Leaving Iowa.
(Amarah Pearson)

The choir had their fall chorus concert Turning Over a New Leaf, as well as their seasonal collaboration with the band and orchestra The Winter Orchestra Concert. Furthermore, five orchestra students and two choir students participated in the prestigious All-State Honors Orchestra Chorus. Joyce Cho (‘24), explained her experience, saying, “All-State Honors orchestra was a uniquely educational experience. We got to learn more about how each instrument fits in the orchestra and how the music (in this case John Williams’s Star Wars suite) carries the journey of the characters and their emotions.”

Olivia Chen (‘24) echoed similar sentiments, saying “The NCHO program was an amazing opportunity to meet other talented musicians from North Carolina and perform. Over the course of three days in Winston Salem, we were able to experience a broad range of music as well as the diversity of students who have the same passion for the arts program.” 

The theater program includes a talented group of actors, technicians, makeup artists, set designers, and directors in producing engaging theatrical performances.
(Amarah Pearson)

Music struck a chord with the community, with the marching band winning many top scores for Green Hope, including earning fifth place at the Bands of America competition, and placing second in the Capitol Expo competition at Sanderson High School. They have also dominated local competitions, frequently placing at the top.

The year also marked numerous successes in sports. The Green Hope’s men’s cross country team  earned many high placements during their season. The men’s Soccer took home many wins, with a final record of 19-4 at the end of the season. The Wrestling team was also successful in the 2022 season. The Women’s teams excelled this year, with women’s golf earning a name for themselves after winning third in Pinehurst Invitational. The women’s tennis team had a fantastic season as well, moving forward with conference events. A new coach joined the Women’s basketball team, and is along for the ride of a successful season. The Green Hope Swim and Dive team is top among the North Carolina Schools. With Matthew Mosher being the new coach, the Swim and Dive’s season has been amazing thus far, winning first place in all of meets they’ve competed in this season. 

Green Hope DECA dominated district competitions, earning 20 medals across a variety of events.
(@greenhopedeca via Instagram)

In December, 2022, Green Hope DECA brought home 20 medals from the regional competition in Raleigh, with club officers expressing pride in members’ achievements. The club allows aspiring entrepreneurs to compete against fellow high school students in business-related events, and Green Hope’s chapter strives to reach higher goals in 2023. 

A few weeks later, Green Hope’s cybersecurity team brought home the state championship in the U.S. Cyberpatriot competition for the second year in a row. Students worked on detecting software weaknesses, encoding strong programs, and were tested on their knowledge in both cybersecurity and computer science. Vaishy Kumar (’23), President of the Black Falcons, stated, “We were able to kind of push back against setbacks we had to go through, [and] we came together as a team, and improved together.” 

2022 was a stressful year for everyone. Life finally returned to normal after the pandemic, and the adjustment required time. Despite this, Green Hope, its students, and programs persevered and did what they do best; excel. Hope to see students continue their success into 2023, and reflect on a fruitful year of hard work and dedication.