Tennis update: Green Hope advances in Conference Playoffs


Bernie Woodland

The team started their playoffs strong, with a resounding 6-0 win against Heritage High School.

Peggy Chen, News Editor

The tennis team started their conference playoffs strong, with a 6-0 win against Heritage High School on October 19, 2022, following with another 6-0 victory against New Bern High School on Tuesday October 25, 2022, all after finishing out an undefeated regular season with a 14-0 streak. Olivia Corcoran (‘24) won the North Carolina 4A State Singles Championship on October 29, 2022, following a win at the Mideast Region Championships. The team, led by captains Siri Chenna (‘23) and Corcoran, brought the team to number one in the conference.

Tennis matches typically consist of six singles matches and three doubles matches, designating the team that wins more matches as the winner. Through the regular season, the team has beat out tough competition, including Apex Friendship and Panther Creek. Although most match scores result in the Falcons winning 9-0 or 8-1, sometimes, victories are determined by a single match. Even when players near the top of the lineup are ill or unable to play, the team has still pulled through victories: most notably, clinching a 5-4 victory over Panther Creek with a tiebreaker, won by captain Siri Chenna. 

The team’s success is by no means through luck. The team trains together daily, and many players seek individual lessons and play non-school affiliated tournaments over weekends. Tanishka Peddy (‘26) thinks that the team has a healthy dose of competition, with teammates simultaneously pushing each other to improve, while supporting each other during matches. 

The team’s success can also be attributed to players Olivia Corcoran and Lisa Kranec, who are ranked among the top ten tennis players of the state. The two have been playing together for nearly 10 years, both in practices and tournaments. In an interview with the GHFalcon, Kranec said, “We had a massive winning streak in the 10 and under [bracket]. We’ve had a lot of really good matches and we’ve had a lot of very fun matches”.

Lisa Kranec (‘24) has been playing tennis for most of her life, and helps the team advance further into playoffs. (Bernie Woodland)

Their teamwork and dedication was able to pull through several key victories for the team. The idea of tireless training and intense competition may daunt some, but the hard work required was what drew Lisa into the sport. “I like the fact that the work I put in is reflected back out because I’m the only one playing,” says the sixteen-year-old, adding that she has “always liked tennis, it’s her favorite”.
Despite the individual aspect of tennis, team dynamics often reflect in match results. The team has won 37 out of 42 doubles matches played, demonstrating the depth in the team’s roster. The benefits of teamwork affect more than just scores, Kranec explains, saying “We’re all really close, so it’s really easy for us to motivate each other to get better.”
Both players plan to play college tennis, and reflect on the athletic community Green Hope has provided. “I think I’ll definitely miss having a really close team, like ours, and just hanging out and playing with everyone is the best part,” says Kranec, adding that regardless of the result, the team will be content with their achievements thus far. “I’ll definitely be happy, even if we don’t win states, which coach will tell me to never say out loud,” Lisa says, laughing.
As the team continues to advance toward the state championship, Lisa and Olivia, along with the rest of the team, hope to continue their success.