Boxing Ring, Christmas Car and More: Senior Car Parade

Starting off senior year strong! The 2023 seniors successfully pulled off their first event of the year – the annual car parade.  Ranging from boxing rings to the Mystery Machine, this year’s parade had it all. While there were many memorable cars, a select few stood out as the winners. 

Pictured left to right: Lexie Davila, Ashton Abood, Carrick Winkleman (Scooby), Gray Winfree, Sarah Glitzer

The winner of the TV Show/Movie category was the “Mystery Machine”. The Scooby Squad, including Lexie Davila, Ashton Abood, Gray Winfree, Sarah Glitzer, and Carrick Winkleman pulled through with their Scooby Doo themed vehicle. Decked out with on-theme colors, flowers, and costumes, this car was destined to win. A special mention goes to the inflatable Scooby!

Pictured left to right: Stella Minicucci, Jillian Orlando, Kendall Fowler, Emma Kate Springer, Paige Lisson, Kelsie Stafford (Jillian Orlando)

The group that came out on top for the Song category was the Mariah Carey Christmas car. This vehicle was on-theme with the Christmas spirit. With stockings lining the back of the car (pictured left), Christmas lights hanging from the windows, and Mariah Carey’s christmas tunes blasting from within, this group easily secured the win. Stella Minicucci, Jillian Orlando, Kendall Fowler, Emma Kate Springer, Paige Lisson, and Kelsie Stafford wish their senior class a Merry Christmas! 

Pictured left to right: Payton Barnes, Bethany Blackman, Ava Ludwig, Abby Prucha

The winners of the School Spirit category consisted of Payton Barnes, Bethany Blackman, Ava Ludwig, and Abby Prucha. This Jeep was covered headlight to headlight with all things safari. It featured a real-life lion (dog), and many stuffed animals attached to the outside of the car. Zebra stripes lining the outside of the jeep tied the whole look together for the perfect safari-themed vehicle.

Pictured left to right: Andrew Vo, Cyrus Jahromi, Ian Williams, Isaac Williams, Riley James, Walker Hamilton, Bladen Willis, Griffin Neri

One of the most memorable cars from this year’s parade was the boxing ring. This pickup truck turned fighting ring received the attention it deserved. Catching the eyes of all the parade participants and viewers, the live action fight scene between Andrew Vo and Griffin Neri taking place in the truck bed was a hit. The Vo vs. Neri crew consisted of Andrew Vo, Cyrus Jahromi, Walker Hamilton, Riley James, Griffin Neri, Bladen Willis, Ian Williams, and Isaac Williams.

As a whole, the 2023 senior class impressed everyone with their car parade creations. This success marks the first of many senior traditions!