Coach Matthew Mosher Joins The Falcon Sports Family

Green Hope’s new Swim and Dive Coach Brings Fresh Energy.


Aditi Bhadauria

Athletic Director Chad Smothers (left) welcomes Coach Matthew Mosher (right) during a meet and greet with swimmers and their families

Aditi Bhadauria, Staff Writer

The winter season approaches with new beginnings as the athletic department extends a warm welcome to Coach Matthew Mosher. Coach Mosher will join the swim and dive team, officially becoming part of the Green Hope family. He’s been coaching for just over 25 years, beginning his coaching career at 16 with summer league. After college, he chose to pursue coaching as a full-time career. He led the Raleigh Charter swim team to five 2A championships and is now coaching at the TAC Titans swim club.

Coach Mosher’s goal is to make an impact on swimmers and build relations to become a more tight-knit team. “Doing things like relationships and community building will contribute to the byproduct of successes,” he said. He emphasized the importance of relationship and team building within the community.

Doing things like relationships and community building will contribute to the by-product of successes like regional and state championships.”

— Coach Matthew Mosher

As a coach he believes he is, “there to help student-athletes and the team to maximize their potential.” His practices will be a combination of education, skills development, and conditioning. Mosher is committed to helping his student-athletes find the right “work-life balance” as they manage family, academics, athletics, and various other extracurriculars. He says, “if we do things the right way, the hardware with the trophies and titles will follow with the process.”

Keelan Cotter (‘23) is on the Green Hope swim team, and eager for the upcoming season. This is Cotter’s last year on the team before she goes to NC State for collegiate swimming. Cotter says her favorite part of the season is “meeting new people and getting to know everyone outside the year-round team.” She has worked with Coach Mosher in the past as a part of the TAC Titans, and describes him as a very passionate coach. “He’s really excited to coach with GH and win with them as well,” Cotter said.