Taking flight: Green Hope’s gymnastics team


Anna Costa

The Green Hope gymnastics team has had a stellar season.

Mary Tufts, Staff Writer

Approaching the end of the season, the Green Hope Gymnastics team has had an outstanding year. With many hours of practice, each athlete has been able to improve their skills and achieve impressive results in their meets. 

Despite the team’s small size, they are working hard to maintain their reputation. After finishing second in conference last year, the team is hoping for a similar, if not more impressive, outcome this year.

The Falcons’ confidence and skill have improved dramatically since the beginning of the season. They practice two hours a week at a club gymnastics facility and participate in tumbling classes. Anna Costa, a junior on the team, says that they have been able to “improve their confidence in our routines throughout the season,” something crucial to the team’s success. Costa added that she “loves the atmosphere of the practices and meets, tons of smiling and less stress than I thought there would be.”

The gymnastics team has had very impressive results at each meet this season. They were able to place third at their first meet and fifth at their recent conference meet. The team also beat Panther Creek, gaining another point for Green Hope in the Fight for 55. 

The team looks to continue their success as they finish the season.