New single, new range: Body paint


Ethan Judd

The Arctic Monkeys have been rediscovered time and time again by newer generations.

Itziar Carrasco Gomez, Staff Writer

Arctic Monkeys released their new single, “Body Paint”, on September 29 as a teaser for their new album set to release on October 21st, 2022.

The famous English rock band consists of five members, Alex Turner (frontman), Matt Helders (drummer/ vocalist), Jamie Cook( guitarist), Nick O’Malley (Bassist), and Andy Nicholson (bassist/ DJ). Some of their biggest hits include Do I Wanna Know and 505, which soared in popularity across TikTok, leading to the band’s establishment in the rock genre. Their songs mostly consist of strong baselines which have become integral to their music style, and this new single is no exception.

Powerful and rhythmic baselines were a fundamental part of the new single, but the range frontman Alex Turner sang in a very different style from his usual sound. Turner generally sings in a baritone, however, this track showcased his ability to hit higher notes in the tenor range. Though he has done this before, his new scale in their latest single has generated mixed feelings within their audience.

While many don’t like the constant tenor range being used in the song others have come to love it. As I listened to the song, I came to dislike it. I thought the baselines were great as it’s something the Arctic Monkeys only continue to excel at in their production, but the pairing of the constant high pitched voice just didn’t seem to mix in great with the darker notes coming from the basses. Overall, I found it all over the place and while seeing them try something different was great, I wish they still had some parts where Alex Turner sings in a baritone and works his way up the scale instead of plateauing at a constant tenor. 

Many people did enjoy this single, though, and voiced their support of the group as they rarely release new music. It was a great song, but the tenor voice was too much as it pulled away from the instrumentals and washed out the deeper bass notes. While this single was met with some mixed feelings, many still wait impatiently for their album release set for October 21st. Mark your calendars!