The wheels go round and round; 3 ways to not get caught up in them

Yan Zimnitskaya, Staff Writer

The Green Hope parking lot is notoriously difficult to navigate. Here are some helpful tips on how to cross this treacherous path.


Wear brightly colored clothes

Drivers do not see what they don’t look for: pedestrians. By drawing attention to yourself at dangerous times such as lunch, there is more of a chance that they will have mercy. It is common knowledge that the toughest driving conditions are bright, clear, sunny days.


Get taller

SUVs are getting taller and taller. Maybe you should get with the program and grow along with them. If they can see you, maybe they won’t run you over. If you are unable to get taller, an easy solution is to try harder. 


Simply don’t go there

What are you doing there anyway? If you didn’t go out of your way to get run over by a car, maybe you would be okay. Pedestrians have their own designated areas, maybe you should just stay there. Think about the drivers for once.