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Arnav Praveen

Arnav Praveen, Staff Writer

Arnav Praveen, also known as The AP (not a self-given nickname), is a senior at Green Hope High School and a first-year writer for the Green Hope Falcon. In school, his favorite subject is English, and he hopes to develop his writing skills through working with the Student Newspaper. When the pandemic started, Arnav was excited to be out of school for two weeks. However, just like many other students, his enthusiasm slowly turned into dread as he did not want to do school online, so he is certainly glad to be back in person!. One of his fondest memories from Green Hope is when he played trashketball in class, and this athletic enthusiasm resonates with his involvement on the Football team and his work experience at Dicks Sporting Goods, a place where he takes pride in his employee discount. As for his personality, his friends describe him as a funny, kind, and good person (or at least he hopes), and he would see himself as a member of the Dauntless faction. Additionally, his personality resonates with that of Tigger who is characterized as goofy, outgoing, and energetic. A hot take that Arnav fully supports is that Crocs are an everyday shoe, but many people would definitely not hesitate to disagree. Aside from his tendency to be goofy, his poetic advice shows a new dimension that not many people get to see, "Do the things you want to do as soon as you can in life because if you wait too long, you may never have the opportunity to discover the opportunities right in front of you."

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