Men’s Tennis Serves a Near Perfect Season

The Men’s Tennis team looks to finish out their regular season strong and sets their sights on the playoffs.


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The 2022 Men’s Tennis team and Coach Bob Jones. The team is currently 11-1.

Arnav Praveen, Staff Writer

*Please see updated stats at the end of this article

The Green Hope Falcons Men’s Tennis program has been on an incredible run so far in their Spring 2022 season.  The team is 11-1, and has an opportunity to add more matches to their win total. The team has been dominant by winning all their games by significant margins.

For a brief summary on how NCHSAA high school tennis is scored, three doubles matches and six singles matches are played by selected members of each team. Each match is worth one point for the winner, and the team that earns the majority of points out of nine matches wins the tennis match. 

More than half of the Falcons’ tennis matches this year have been final scores of 9-0 and 8-1; this indicates absolute dominance in both doubles and singles play. Senior Captain Surjen Pandya attributes the team’s success to “focusing on good leadership and teamwork while on the court, which leads to winning every game.”  Although the team is made up of mostly freshmen and sophomores, the senior leadership and play is key to the success of the team, and the seniors leading by example is extremely significant to the undefeated record.

We do hope to compete for the state championship but our main goal is to win the conference.

— Coach Bob Jones

Coach Bob Jones is very pleased with his team’s performance as he said, “Our doubles teams have been really strong this year and as a doubles player in high school, I pride myself on building these teams and they have responded well and have great chemistry. Also, the freshmen have really stepped up and taken the place of the graduating seniors.” 

Men’s tennis pictured playing Panther Creek, who’ve they won and lost to. Green Hope plans to see Panther Creek in the playoffs for a true rivalry Fight For 55 rematch.

Overall, this young Falcons squad has continued the winning trend of the men’s tennis team and have dominated both out-of-conference and in-conference play. They look to finish the regular season strong, as Coach Jones expressed, “We do hope to compete for the state championship but our main goal is to win the conference and develop the younger players before reaching the playoffs where everyone is good.” 

We will get our revenge if we see them in the playoffs.

— Surjen Pandya, Captain

After a tough loss against rival Panther Creek, the team bounced back in determined fashion, sweeping Middle Creek during the long weekend. In response to their loss, Surjen Pandya said, “they are a good team that played very well this time around, we will get our revenge if we see them in the playoffs.” It should prove to be an entertaining couple of weeks for the Falcons, as the Men’s Tennis Team continues on their impressive season well on the way to a deep playoff run.

END OF REGULAR SEASON UPDATE:  The team finished 15-1 and will enter the conference championship on Wednesday, 4/20!