Athletic Trainers Bring More Than Just Bandages

March is National Athletic Trainers Month: Green Hope Celebrates their Hard Work Everyday


Ms. Ashley Davidson

Pictured: Ms. Davidson, Williams, and student trainers on the sidelines doing what they do best: care.

Arnav Praveen and Shea McIntyre

They are the people that come right to the aid of our athletes when pain kicks in, when hydration is essential, and always, always cheer for our Green Hope athletes.

This entire month of March is National Athletic Training Month honoring the people who provide athletes with health care for any practice or game.  This month honors two women at Green Hope who do so much more than provide care; Ms. Casey Williams and Ms. Ashley Davidson. 

Ms. Casey Williams is Head Athletic Trainer managing every athlete who puts on a Green Hope jersey, swim cap, or cheer uniform, ensuring parents, coaches, and fans she’ll keep each student athlete safe. Ms. Ashley Davidson has been at Green Hope since 2011, helping several seasons and years of Green Hope athletics win forty-six State Championships. 

By day Ms. Williams and Davidson teach courses including Healthful Living, Sports Medicine, and Biomedical Technology, but in whistle-blowing afternoon, both women monitor the gameplay of student athletes. More than just showing up though, Ms. Williams and Davidson’s presence extends far beyond. Sarah Carss, captain of the women’s basketball team elucidated on their integral role in Green Hope athletics. “They make sports and school such a good time and it’s always more fun than it has any right to be when you go to the trainer’s room.”

Both of them made me feel like a family that they created in school. They are not just good teachers but also really good friends.

— Nidhi Patel, Senior Sports Med Aid

Megan Setlak, captain of the women’s soccer team, and also one of Ms. Davidson’s Biomedical Technology students noted the trainer’s optimism, “Ms. Davidson has taught me to always be positive and look at the bright side and have fun with whatever you’re doing.” 

John Taylor, senior football and lacrosse player, feels that athletic trainers have a bigger role than just providing their medical services. “Ms. Davidson taught me so much about life and I think I’m a better athlete and person because of her.” Megan Setlak added to this sentiment, “they always put the athletes and students first before themselves and other needs.” 

Ms. Williams and Ms. Davidson’s impact directly affects the student trainers who attend all practices and games. Nidhi Patel said, “I have been a part of the Sports Med team for a short amount of time but I have gained the most hands on learning experience and proper guidance from the best teachers there possibly can be for the things they do.” 

During this month, athletes can thank and attribute their successes to the benevolent and hardworking trainers who support them day in and day out. All over, and specifically here at Green Hope, these trainers show that it’s more than just sports.