Winter Guard: An eccentric art form


GH Guard via Instagram

Green Hope Winter Guard brought home the gold with their JV team scoring first at the Green Level Indoor Indoor Season Showcase.

Tanner Kannan, Staff Writer

Within the dynamic world of performance arts, audiences are continually mesmerized by Winter Guard choreography. Winter Guard is a competitive indoor sport combining elements of dance, color guard and theater.

A team of performers uses flags, rifles, sabers etc. to tell a story or convey emotion through choreography. The performances typically occur on a gymnasium floor transformed into a stage using various props, backdrops and lighting effects. 

The sport has its roots in military traditions but has evolved to have an artistic flair. Competing using pre-recorded music, Winter Guard members work together to express themselves through synchronized movements. 

There are two types of competitions: the Atlantic Indoor Association (AIA) and Winter Guard International (WGI). The AIA hosts local competitions between high schools in the area. WGI is an organization that hosts regional, national and international competitions in the United States. This year, it was held in Dayton, Ohio.

In an interview with the GH Falcon, flag line member Claire Zhang (‘26) said, “For competitions, we go to another high school with multiple other Winter Guards, and we all perform our shows. We are then judged and placed based on how well we do, and these competitions usually last the whole day, usually on Saturdays.” 

Like any team, GH Winter Guard has strengths and weaknesses. Ashley Chen (‘25), another member of the flag line, stated, “Our strengths are that we are a close-knit group, and we have incredible teamwork. Our weakness is that we are a very hyper group and get distracted easily, which can take a toll on our scores in competitions.” 

Despite obstacles, GH Winter Guard brought home gold with their JV team scoring first at the Green Level Indoor Indoor Season Showcase (GLISS). Beyond the awards, members had the opportunity to showcase their unique craft and connect with others who share a passion for this art form.

All over the world, Winter Guard brings teams and audiences together to showcase an artistic fusion of creativity, collaboration and complexity.