More than ads: Iconic Super Bowl commercials


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Super Bowl ads can cost companies millions of dollars, because they are trying to convince readers that their products or services are worth buying in a short amount of time.

Neil Parmar and Y-Nhu Do

The Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles face off this weekend in the 57th NFL Super Bowl. While many are focused on football, countless others are on the lookout for the next iconic Super Bowl ad. Year after year, the Super Bowl provides viewers with fantastic commercials. Being the most watched event of the year, companies pour millions of dollars into ads that last only seconds on television. 

With the 2023 Super Bowl quickly approaching, the GH Falcon has pulled together a list of the most iconic Super Bowl commercials of all time.

Amazon: Alexa Loses Her Voice

Amazon’s Alexa is a smart speaker fueled by artificial intelligence with a distinct monotone voice. However, what happens when its voice disappears? In this commercial, Amazon’s executives decided to substitute Alexa’s voice with the voices of popular celebrities. Throughout the ad, you’ll find Gordan Ramsay questioning why people can’t make grilled cheese, Rebel Wilson dimming lights and setting a romantic scene despite not being asked to and Cardi B telling people that she doesn’t know the distance to the moon. Overall, the ad is hilarious and successfully calls attention to Amazon’s smart speaker.

Doritos: Ultrasound

The message to the audience is simple: Who doesn’t want Doritos? During an ultrasound, a father realizes that the baby will follow a Dorito chip in the pregnant mother’s womb. The mother, angry that the father is messing around, takes and throws the chip across the room. The baby follows the chip . . .

Porsche: The Heist

Car lovers rejoice! Every year automakers pull out their best stops for the Super Bowl, and this Porsche ad is no different. The ad follows an artful story to promote the release of their latest model at the time, the Taycan. The ad starts with a thief stealing the Taycan from the iconic Porsche Museum in Germany. As the thief drives away, security guards jump into various Porsche cars, to pursue the stolen car in a high-speed chase. . . The ad ends with a plot twist that you’re sure to enjoy!

Hyundai: Smaht Pahk

Featuring multiple famous celebrities, this Hyundai ad boasts a self-parking car. Chris Evans, Rachel Dratch, and John Krasinski speak with ridiculous Boston accents while the car “pahks” itself. Hyundai creates a simple funny commercial for many to enjoy years down the road (or the parking lot!)

Snickers: Betty White

Snickers’ famous catchphrase is “You’re not you when you’re hungry.” The candy company’s famous Betty White commercial embodies this philosophy in a comedic manner. As the name suggests, the ad contains the famous Golden Girls actress Betty White. In a game of football, a boy is playing like an old lady (Betty White). After eating a Snickers bar, the old lady transforms into a strong boy ready to “tackle” the game.

Squarespace: Sally’s Seashells

This memorable ad from last year’s Super Bowl centers around the famous tongue-twister about Sally, played by Zendaya, selling seashells. The quick, delightful promotion shows how Sally created a seashell empire using Squarespace.

Volkswagen: The Force

Volkswagen features an adorable young boy dressed as Darth Vader. The boy parades around his home and attempts to use “The Force” on everything he encounters without success. Finally, he tries it out on his dad’s car (a Volkswagen of course) and the car’s headlights turn on to the boy’s delight. Little does he know that his father turned the car on with a remote key. 

No matter if you’re a Super Bowl fan or not, the game’s commercials are something all viewers can look forward to. Take some time to enjoy the nostalgia of these old commercials and prepare to watch some creative and hilarious new ones this year!