Clearing a Path to Success: Career Development Month


Scott Graham

Picking a career as a high school student can present confusion and stress.

Itziar Carrasco Gomez, Opinion/Editorials Editor

Choosing a career path often fills highschool students with anxiety and uncertainty: Students may not know where to begin or how to choose the right career. However, Green Hope’s Career Development department can help students get started on the journey.

The Green Hope Falcon reached out to Career Development Coordinator Mr. Katsuleris to provide insight on the career development journey.

Figure out your interests

Evaluating interests is a great way to come up with things to try out. Those interests don’t have to be extremely serious either; what matters is that you are aware of them. Mr. Katsuris mentions that, ¨people can really try anything that excites tem. If they like it, they should give it a try and see if it fits them¨.  Careers are often regarded as something serious, but it is important to figure out one’s own interests as it will motivate them to do it for longer.

Try new things.

Find opportunities in the local community such as clubs or out of school activities where there is space to try new things. One might find it fun, and another might not. Everyone is different, so try out different things. Slowly, preferences in a certain subject or skill will develop, and they will make their way into your career. Katsuleris says, ¨ if you try it out and you don’t like it, move on… there is a space for everyone you just need to find it¨.

Find things that work for you

After finding things to try out, students will be able to incorporate it into their career. There are many opportunities all around to get involved which can help people decide whether or not a certain path is right for them. If a student loves Computer Science, taking classes to expand their knowledge will be beneficial and help get them started. Places to try out things are not always in plain sight, people might have to go looking for them: but they do exist. If they cannot find a way to get started, reaching out to a counselor or people with connections in the industry can open up a door for them. 

Seniors are also getting ready to leave, and some have anxiety about what to do in college. To ease that anxiety, develop a plan. Setting goals on the path to success can keep people motivated to keep going and administer their growth. Degrees only increase in value when they are matched with experience in a related field of study, so finding opportunities to get involved is elemental.

If you are interested in booking an appointment with Mr. Katsuleris for career counseling, visit the GHHS career services website.