Incompetent decisions are leading to Twitter’s demise


Souvik Banerjee

Following the social media giant’s breakdown into chaos, users of the social media giant are leaving and deleting Twitter.

Joseph Pollard, Staff Writer

The once-successful social media platform Twitter, is breaking down under its new manager. Following Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter on October 27th, 2022, the platform has undergone multiple rapid changes, arguably for the worse. Though the Tesla CEO discussed promising developments, many of his grandiose ideas have not come to fruition, giving reason for concern.

Musk added perks to Twitter’s premium service, Twitter Blue, such as seeing less ads and the ability to upload longer videos. However, the most notable change is the widespread availability of the blue checkmark that was originally exclusive to verified accounts of companies, government officials, newspapers and other individuals of that nature. Once the subscription became available, users immediately began to abuse the checkmark, impersonating companies and politicians. These imposters’ tweets ranged from humorous jokes to widespread misinformation.

While many exploited the subscription’s privileges to spread lies about officials and businesses they disagreed with, others used them to expose corporations engaging in practices deemed unacceptable. One of the most notable targets of this digital crusade was insulin production company Eli Lilly, with an impersonator claiming insulin would be free moving forward. The company’s stocks decreased by 4.5 percent in the span of only a few hours, and other insulin companies also saw their stocks fall.

To counteract this abuse, Musk enacted a new policy that parody accounts not labeled as such would be suspended. Ultimately, Elon put the subscription plan on hold. Twitter Blue is slated to relaunch on November 29th after adjustments are made, in order to “make sure that [the subscription] is rock solid.”

Twitter Blue’s failed launch is only a small factor to the platform’s downfall. Elon Musk has laid off half of Twitter’s employees, and resorted to a “commit or leave” policy pressuring remaining staff to either work egregious hours or get out. In protest, even more employees resigned, adding to the already large mass exodus of staff in recent weeks. Those who left include former executives such as chief privacy officer Damien Kieran, cybersecurity executive Lea Kissner, and Yoel Roth, head of Trust and Safety.

As a result of incompetent decisions, layoffs en masse, and general loss of trust from the public, bankruptcy–in Elon’s own words–is “not out of the question” for the platform. Even the Federal Trade Commission, currently being urged by Democratic senators to investigate the platform for violating a consent decree with them, has shunned the company, and is “tracking recent developments at Twitter with deep concern.”

Unless major changes take place in how the new CEO manages his company, the future of the platform appears bleak. Twitter will be reduced to a chaotic cesspool of misinformation, legal violations and online hate.