A table for two (or more): Top restaurants and eateries in the Triangle


The Triangle area offers many dining options catering toward a variety of taste preferences and dietary needs.

Peggy Chen, News Editor

It’s no secret that the Triangle is home to numerous restaurants, from hidden gems to established eateries, all showcasing the vibrant culture of the area. No matter what your preference or dietary needs are, you’ll be sure to find a restaurant suited for your taste in this list of the GH Falcon’s favorite Triangle dining locations. 

Tribeca Tavern 

The Tribeca Tavern is known for its handcrafted burgers and mouth watering appetizers. Start off the meal with some homemade tortilla chips and a choice dip, followed with pan-seared salmon, chicken salad melt, or fresh-grilled bacon cheeseburger. Other highlights include crispy zucchini chips, blackened tuna, and tuna nachos. The restaurant’s casual setting and affordable pricing make it the perfect place for a relaxed evening. 

Dharani Express 

The Dharani Express offers Indian and Indochinese cuisine in a cozy cafe setting. One of the restaurant’s most popular dishes is the chicken tikka masala and goat biryani, complimenting the garlic naan served on the side. The Dharani Express also serves lamb, seafood, and vegetarian entrees; including shrimp curry, chili paneer, and egg masala. The restaurant serves catering and takeout as well, making it a great option for dining at home. 

Neomonde Mediterranean 

Neomonde Mediterranean has a wonderful and cozy environment that makes you feel right at home. The menu consists of tasty kabobs, pita bread, flatbread dishes and baklava desserts. Neomonde Mediterranean has been in business for over forty years and works to bring unique Lebanese cuisine across the Triangle. 

The Raleigh Times 

Located at the former newspaper’s  headquarters, the Raleigh Times offers a unique and fun experience in the heart of downtown Raleigh. The eatery serves delicious fried pickles, spicy nachos, fresh beer-battered cod, and the ‘Devil’s on Horseback’ which consists of bacon-wrapped goat cheese stuffed figs with aged balsamic vinegar. The Raleigh Times serves as a great location for your next weekend outing, whether it be Sunday brunch or a celebratory lunch. 

Uncle Julio’s 

Uncle Julio’s is a classic Tex-Mex restaurant, derived from the cuisine of the Tejano people in Texas. The popular dining spot offers a taste of authentic Mexican cuisine with fresh grilled fajitas, cheesy nachos, pulled-chicken quesadillas, and fresh chile queso. Don’t forget to try iconic chocolate pitanas, made from scratch! 


Gravy is a traditional Italian restaurant that pairs classic Italian dishes with a modern twist. The restaurant uses fresh seasonal ingredients, most of which are sourced from North Carolina farms. For lunch, try a balsamic-marinated chicken, paired with homemade mozzarella and brioche, or handmade bruschetta with fresh ricotta and tomato on crostini. For dinner, try pairing a locally-sourced zuppa soup with potato gnocchi or bolognese. Still stuck? Try the scallop risotto or ravioli with sides of garlic knots and butternut squash, they will be sure to impress.


Located in the heart of Morrisville, JJChina offers authentic Chinese cuisine. Known for its Szechuan, Hunan, and Cantonese options, the restaurant offers both dine-in and takeout. Start out your meal with a shrimp or vegetable fried rice, and follow it with a choice of poultry, beef, or fish. Popular entrees include vegetable and shrimp chow mein, spicy sesame chicken, and savory boneless ribs. JJChina masterfully brings a taste of Chinese cuisine into the area, making it the perfect spot for a casual meal. 

Masa Sushi and Ramen 

Masa Sushi and Ramen provides a taste of contemporary Japanese cuisine. In addition to the basic tuna and squid appetizers, the restaurant also serves a variety of yellowtail and salmon rolls garnished with seaweed strips and cucumber swirls. For ramen lovers, Masa also serves Tonkotsu and Shoyu ramen with shrimp, chicken, and pork offerings, topped with fresh scallion, bean sprouts, and a soy-marinated, soft-boiled egg. Menu options often reside on the pricier side and wait times tend to be long. However, if you’re searching for a slow dining experience to wind down at night, Masa is a place to keep in your mind. 

The Fiction Kitchen 

The Fiction Kitchen offers a diverse menu of vegan comfort food, unusual treats, and delectable dishes. Try some fresh cornbread, lettuce wraps, or fried mushrooms with a side of black chickpeas. Follow with a golden rice risotto or a plate of heart chicken and waffles and finish with traditional Latin American tres leches. The Fiction Kitchen brings vegan cuisine and turns it into a typical pub-style dining experience.  

While we all love and enjoy homemade cooking, venturing beyond the confines of your kitchen can expose you to a plethora of new cuisines. Food opens the doorway, not only to new cherished memories and experiences, but the rich cultural experiences from which recipes stem. The food we eat truly does, to some extent, define who we are, but it can also shape the people we become.