Prom: A Post-COVID Night to Remember

Green Hope Students Dance the Night Away for the Disco Night Prom


Photo by Greyson Joralemon on Unsplash

With the theme of “Disco Night,” prom-goers danced the night away after a year of uncertainty.

Arianna Bennett, Staff Writer

After quarantine, the idea of prom was something that seemed to be up in the air yet again. With the school year coming to a close, prom was the night so many in the student body had been anticipating.  Prom represented a chance for students to dress up and hang out with friends without the worry and stress of COVID. With some students having Prom 2022 as their only prom experience, it was definitely a night to remember. The theme for the night was “Disco”. Upon walking in, prom-goers instantly experienced disco balloons as well as booming music shaking the dance floor.

One aspect of this year’s prom was the presence of a photo booth.  Inside the booth, there contained fun disco night props to create lasting images.  Once taken, photo strips were instantly created so that everyone would have a special memento from the night. For Senior Chloe Howard, this was the last prom she would attend.  Howard had concerns about attendance, but these concerns were overshadowed by the excitement of the night.  “I thought more people would leave after an hour but nobody did a lot of people stayed which I was really surprised by that,” she said. 

The idea of prom for most people is a once in a lifetime moment to celebrate the ending of school. Especially for Seniors, this year was their one chance to enjoy prom before going off to college. Howard went on to say, “Being able to dance with my friends and have this big moment with my friends was really important.”

Senior year is a closing chapter for people’s high school career and having the opportunity to dress up with your friends and have fun is something cherished for many. Many Green Hope juniors enjoyed the opportunity to see their senior friends dance and enjoy the experience.  Amarah Pearson, a Junior, said, “It’s like that song ‘Fire Burning’ by Sean Kingston where he says and I quote ‘Shawty fire burning on the dance floor’ it was like that except I was not [on the dance floor] and all of my friends were which was exciting.” 

Cherished moments made the 2022 prom special and unique. Coming back to being in-person and seeing everyone’s joy of a regular prom allowed for the night to be the most memorable. Prom was not only a night to remember but also a moment in which to live.