Environmental Club Celebrates Earth Day

Lucas Moore, Editor-in-Chief

The Green Hope Environmental Club is hosting an Earth Day celebration this week, recognizing Earth Day on Friday, April 22. Since the beginning of March, club members have been meeting weekly to plan a week of activities culminating on Earth Day. Club member Anya Sheikh discussed the purpose of this event, saying, “the main goal is to spread awareness about Earth day and show students various ways in which they can help the environment.”

Events such as environmental trivia, eating edible insects, and signing a vegetarian pledge have drawn crowds in the commons at lunch throughout most of the week.

Sheikh commented on the success, saying, “we’ve been planning the event for a while so it’s nice to see everything come together towards the goals we initially set.”

The event culminates in a recycling game, Earth Day costume contest, and raffle on Friday, where winners receive a plant to take home.

Beyond this week, environmental club keeps the environmental spirit going all year by performing community service at local parks and meeting every Thursday after school in room 316 to collect recycling from the green recycling bins around the school.