Audience and Company Agree: Freaky Friday Was Fantastic


Gracie Wood

The Green Hope Theatre Company performed several showings of Freaky Friday, receiving great acclaim from the audience.

Lucas Moore, Editor-in-Chief

Freaky Friday premiered on March 31st, packing the auditorium and astounding the audience throughout the weekend.

The show garnered positive reviews from audience members such as Lauren Summerville (‘22). “I thoroughly enjoyed it and I was extremely impressed with the talent within the Green Hope Theatre Community,” Summerville said.

Praising the stunning vocals and amazing characters, Summerville described Freaky Friday as “not your average high school play.”

The show that premiered over the weekend was the culmination of months of hard work by the Green Hope Theatre Company. Production Designer Gracie Wood spoke about this work, saying, “As Amarah Pearson says in her opening speech, Freaky Friday was truly a labor of love.”

Wood went on to express her gratitude to have gotten to work with a cast and crew who poured their talent and dedication into the musical. “When I look back on this production, I’ll remember our dance parties in the wings, the energy of the audience, and the love I have felt between everyone,” she said.

Wood is a senior, and Freaky Friday is her last production at Green Hope. This added a bittersweet feeling for Wood and other seniors, who feel that the theatre program has been incredibly influential on their high school experience. “Going through our pre-show rituals one last time brought us all to tears, and it felt like an explosion of melancholy love and appreciation,” she said.

While this is Wood’s last show, she is proud of Freaky Friday and thoroughly enjoyed putting it together. She ended by saying, “Although it is our time to move on, I firmly believe that the future of Green Hope Theatre is bright.” After this well-acclaimed show, that’s certainly the case.