Untitled by Cooper Lessard

Poetry in the Style of the “Beat Generation” Made Modern

I wanted to save a couple dollars. So I walked to Ruth’s Chris Instead of driving to McDonald’s.
With the money I saved
I bought an economic sickle cell Because my generation loves trends. Then made it my profile

They say that in a few years
We’ll have to sail 30 million miles To find a peaceful place to sleep.
But Elon’s ark will only have enough room For the richest two people
From each country.

There is a great worldwide race Happening right now:
Every major corporation is trying
To be the first to make the peak of Mount Everest Even with sea level.
They need our help to win.
So we make sure to combat all this pollution By spreading awareness on
An app owned by Mark Zuckerberg.

Anything longer than a seven second video Is a dreadful task to sit through
For the youth of today.
So, become a lawyer and make your legal Documents too long to read in ten minutes. When the signers
are born past 2000 You’ll be sure to have the upper hand.
How is anyone to build a home When a sheet of plywood Runs you eighty dollars?
How is one to buy a car When a starter runs them 10,000?
Our thousand year careers are just around the corner

Those who control our currency Won’t even be around
For our first promotion.

Smog filled skies are the backdrop To beautiful artificial lights
The streets are swept for the cars to Continue painting the air
With their beautiful emissions Volkswagen loves this twisted artwork So they accelerated it without
permission The trees are choking
The rivers blackening
We blame older generations instead of Trying to work with them.
In a million years when we all decompose We’ll all be fertilizer
For the same trees.
That is, if we can work together
And make sure there will be trees to fertilize.

Sitting with folded hands
Everyone watches the smartphone factory Get put up just across the street
Raising with it the cost of every home Within a hundred mile radius
That’s okay
Because several other companies are sure to follow And this area will soon be the home
Of so many pretty factories. A few years from now
In Cary, North Carolina
We won’t have to worry about
The pesky sounds of trees choking any longer We’ll be out of woods
But not out of the woods yet
Because the wheezing of the concrete forests Are just as irritating.
We detest this now
Just as the older generations

Did in the sixties.
But we must keep our wits And not lose these values
Like they did by the 90s.