National Honor Society Begins Tutoring Program

NHS Finds a Way to Help Fellow Falcons


Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

Bringing success to students at Green Hope, NHS members are focused on reducing academic stress

Shea McIntyre, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Are you four weeks into the second semester and already fearing bad grades? Never fear, NHS is here! Starting this 2021-22 school year, Green Hope’s National Honor Society will be helping give back to the Green Hope community in one of the most effective ways: free tutoring. Any student, any time can sign up for personalized tutoring.

To start your tutoring experience, all you need to do is get registered through the following simple steps. Firstly, go to the Green Hope website and navigate the tab “Academics”, then scroll down to “Tutoring Resources” to find the Google Form to get tutored by NHS. Note that virtual students are also able to get paired with a tutor after establishing their status as a virtual student.  The Green Hope Falcon has also included the NHS flyer for joining its tutoring program.

 Tutors have been trained and teach all different classes to help fit the pupil’s needs. Sashank Ganapathiraju, President of NHS, worked intensely with Mr. McIntyre to get this program off the ground and running and says, “We currently have 35 tutors who are willing to help!”

As for why NHS started the tutoring program and what pupils should expect, Ganapathiraju elucidated, “We saw the immediate need for tutoring at Green Hope manifest itself at the beginning of the year. Coming off of [a] completely online year certainly didn’t help overall confidence student’s had in their courses…” Ms. Kovalaske, the advisor of National Honor Society, puts it perfectly, “The main goal is obviously to help students that are struggling with their classes. The underlying goal is to get NHS more involved in the Green Hope community. We do a lot of great things outside these four walls, but now it’s time to start to increase our presence and impact here at GH.” 

The National Honor Society has ambitions to continue helping out the close Green Hope community and ensuring more success throughout the second semester of the 2021-2022 school year.

National Honor Society offers tutoring to all Green Hope students to lessen the stress of school work.