Nervous About College Decisions? Here’s What Green Hope Alumni Have To Say


Ellie Hamashima

Pictured: Lorelei Zagacki extremely concerned about college decisions coming out soon.

Ellie Hamashima, Staff Writer / Social Media Editor

As February approaches, love is in the air, paired with stress, anxiety, and nervousness. Green Hope seniors waiting for college decisions are practically permeating unease. Not only are teenagers notorious for being impatient, a trait that makes anticipating a life-changing notification even more difficult, but Green Hope students are also known for being extremely driven and ambitious, especially in their college search. In some classes, the tension could be cut with a knife. 

One senior, Eishal Kaur, asserts that she is very “nervous”, but is attempting to think on the bright side. Kaur is “excited to see what college she will end up choosing.”

Other seniors are not as quick to take on a positive mindset, as Surjen Pandya describes that he is “terrified.” 

With the climbing tensions, measures have to be taken. The Green Hope Falcon has reached out to a few of our favorite alumni for some much-needed advice. 

Ella Troiano, Class of 2020, encourages seniors “not to worry too much about college decisions.” HA. Easier said than done! But, Troiano backs her challenging advice and explains that “a few years after high school you’ll realize it all works out.”

The idea that “everything happens for a reason” is debatable but popularized by the many examples of disappointing circumstances resulting in a wonderful opportunity. College decisions -ideal or not- always have the potential to lead to amazing possibilities. 

Spencer Cline, Class of 2021, would advise seniors waiting to hear back from schools to attempt to forget about the application once it’s submitted. Cline explains, “once you turn in your application it’s in the hands of the schools you applied to and there’s nothing more that you can do to increase your chances of acceptance.”

Cline’s last piece of advice was to “spend time with your friends and make the most of your last semester of high school and hopefully that can help to take your mind off the stress.” This comes as a welcome reminder to live in the present.

While waiting on college decisions is no easy task, alumni believe you will be okay. Acceptance, or rejection, you will be alright. The Green Hope Falcon hopes this advice helps any anxious seniors out there and wishes all students good luck in their future academic endeavors.