Green Hope Continues Winning Streak in AIA Competition

The Atlantic Indoor Association Continues to Bring Out the Best of Indoor Percussion


Jacki Poovey

The Indoor Percussion ensemble competing last Saturday. Image courtesy of Jacki Poovey.

Arianna Bennett, Staff Writer

Green Hope’s Indoor Percussion Ensemble earned first in class during their competition on Saturday, March 12th at Middle Creek High School. This exciting accomplishment called for many hours of practice and has been something that has positively impacted these students. One student, Rishon Rajkumar, bass five percussionist, stated “I think this time we had a lot more crowd reactions, which kind of added to the energy.” Not only do the countless practices pay off to help them win their competitions but also the reactions received from the audience. Rajkumar added, “it’s fun when you have an impact on the people watching and excitement around the program.”  

It’s fun when you have an impact on the people watching

— Rishon Rajkumar, Senior

Indoor Percussion still has more work ahead of them, but it’s clearly something these students enjoy. Rajkumar ended by saying, “the fact that we’re producing these really high quality numbers and our work is being shown off is great.” The recognition they have been receiving is well deserved and they’re not even finished. With only three competitions left, they strive to get better.