The Best of the Best: Rating Off Campus Lunch Options


Shea McIntyre

Times are tight…make the most of off campus lunch! (Pictured: a Bruegger’s bagel)

Shea McIntyre, Co-Editor-in-Chief

The bell rings at 10:24 am and it’s the beginning of the iconic hum of jingling keys bobbing off upperclassmen’s fast-moving legs as students rush to their cars to get off campus. It’s time for lunch.  

With an expedited lunch halfway through our day, students prioritize quickness and deliciousness. If you don’t know where to go on a particular day, you waste half of lunch trying to figure out what cuisine or drive-thru you like best. Mentioned below are six of the best places to dash and dine (off campus– no stealing) so that you can get back in time for that 11:24 am third period bell.

One option several people love to choose is simply to go home. There are lots of benefits to going home including visiting your pets and, also, having to wait on no one. All in all, I rate going home for lunch a solid 8.5 as it’s not expensive (especially if you just eat leftovers it can be expense-less), and it’s the perfect place to get a little alone time mid-way through your day. Minus points for not having a fun dining experience with friends (of course you can always bring them with you).

Lunch is scheduled at a time that most would argue isn’t really lunchtime. The perfect place to embrace breakfast is none other than Bruegger’s Bagels! Beware though, Bruegger’s can get BUSY. Bruegger’s scores a fine 9.  The only downside of spending your valuable lunch time there is the long wait times and current lack of indoor dining. 

Next on the list is Chick-Fil-A.  That cursive, red-lettered logo has always been a classic Green Hope lunch spot. Only two left turns and a roundabout away, Chick-Fil-A receives high numbers of customers just from Green Hope alone. Obviously, an upside of the amazing chicken cuisine is its insanely close proximity to the school. Despite its lack of indoor dining, the accommodating staff and well-operated drive-thru keep the lunch experience very pleasurable. I’d rate trusty Chick-Fil-A a 9.

On the other side of Carpenter Upchurch, we find Moe’s Southwest Grill.  Moe’s is never too crowded, fairly inexpensive, and scrumptious. Though not the best Mexican food in the triangle, its prime location, portion size, and salivate-worthy queso totals its score to be a 7. This off campus location is on the other side of Highway 55 though, so stay cautious of catamounts!

Rise Southern Biscuits and Righteous Chicken, which is located in an enclave of Park West Village, combines fun brunch options into a memorable lunch experience. The last time I dined there, though, their menu was largely unavailable, restricting what I could eat. I settled (and rightfully so) for an Avocado Toast biscuit topped with Rise’s signature Boom Boom sauce to add a special flair. Though I’d return to Rise to have that biscuit, as well as other over-the-top donuts they sell, the time frame of lunch isn’t the most suitable considering its longer wait times and the inevitable frustration when so much of their menu isn’t being offered. Rate: 7.5.

The next time you rush off campus for lunch, consider these varying, delectable places and my personal ratings to ensure a better lunchtime!

Bon Appetit.