A season of success: Coach Jones wins SWAC Coach of the Year


Jay Kalieindi

Coach Bob Jones watches his team play at home.

Lexie Davila, Sports Editor

Coming out of the regular season undefeated, the Green Hope’s Men’s Tennis team has been thriving for a variety of reasons. One of those reasons is Head Coach Bob Jones. Coach Jones has 15 years of coaching experience, leading both the Men’s and Women’s teams to success over the years. With the domination portrayed by the Men’s team this season, the Southern Wake Athletic Conference (SWAC) awarded Coach Jones the Coach of the Year Award. As his players battle through the State Tournament, the GH Falcon interviewed Coach Jones on the team’s past successes and exciting future.

Why did you begin coaching? 

“I began coaching because I played tennis in high school and college, and I wanted to stay involved with the game.  It’s a fun way to interact with students outside of the classroom.”

Please explain your coaching philosophy. 

“My coaching philosophy is that I want the team and individual players to get the most out of their ability.  I also think that high school sports should be fun, so I don’t push my players real hard, but I expect them to push themselves.  At Green Hope, we have a lot of players who have been playing and competing in tournaments for a long time, so I don’t really have to push them too hard.  Of course, it’s easier to have fun if you’re winning, and we win a lot, so it’s fun.”

How have you seen the team progress this year?

“I’m very pleased with how the team has done this season.  Our top eight players are all freshmen and sophomores, so we’re not the most experienced team, but they have stepped up and met every challenge so far.  We are 16-0 and ranked number one in the state, so you can’t get much better than that.  We won the SWAC conference championship, and we hope to win the state championship, but we’ll have to beat some really good teams to accomplish that.”

Were you expecting to find so much success this year? Why or why not?

“We finished second in the state last year, and we lost some of our top players, but with our returning players and the new players, I knew we would be really good again.  With such a young team, we have a chance to compete for state championships for the next several years.  If everyone keeps working and getting better, I expect us to add a few more trophies to our collection.”

If you could tell student-athletes one thing, what would you tell them? 

“Most high school athletes don’t end up playing at the college level, so take advantage of the opportunities to play in high school and give it your best effort.  Whether you’re winning championships or not, you can make great friends and create great memories.”

As playoffs continue, the Falcons are continuing to work for the number one title. We wish them luck, and congratulations to Coach Jones for his achievement!