Dhar Mann under allegations of mistreatment towards actors


Emmanuel Acua

Many of the Dhar Mann’s actors who were employed for his productions have claimed unfair treatment within their work environment.

Neil Parmar and Isabel Westerlund

Internet producer Dhar Mann, best known for his YouTube channel “Dhar Mann,” has been under the spotlight amidst allegations of underpaying and treating his employees unfairly.

Several actors went into detail claiming that they were being fired without reason, severely underpaid and have been unable to meet with Mann to discuss the concerns.

Former Dhar Mann actors Mair Mulroney, Chas Laughlin and Colin Borden have all come forward with claims that they have been treated unfairly. Claiming that they do not make enough money to pay rent and are struggling to sit Mann down for a conversation, the actors have been seen protesting outside of the studio and on the streets, with several Dhar Mann fans joining the protests in solidarity with the actors.

Green Hope Theater student Ipsi Vasipalli (‘25) sympathizes with the actors. “As someone who works in theater and acts, it is repulsive that he does not fairly pay his actors and does not provide safe facilitators for his employees,” she said.

With the recent allegations, many Dhar Mann fans have taken a deep dive into his past.

In 2014, Mann was convicted of defrauding the city of Oakland, California through his real estate group and was charged with five felony counts, but pleaded no contest to all charges.

Although he faced no severe repercussions, Mann was sentenced to a five year probation period and was ordered to repay the city $44,399.

Lamece Azzam (‘24) commented on his conviction.

“I wasn’t aware that he was charged with 5 accounts of fraudulent behavior. I feel like I now view him as a fraud, since he directly went against what he preaches,” she said. “I feel like his content isn’t genuine now that I know the kind of person he is, and that his actors deserve a reasonable pay.”

In light of the accusations, several other Dhar Mann actors have spoken out stating that they had never experienced the hostile work environment described by their former co-actors.

Actress Katherine Norland has come out with several videos stating that she had not been treated in the same manner. Other actors from the studio have also shown support for Mann through various social media posts and videos. Most recently, a TikTok video posted on Dhar Mann’s account showed several actors sitting down with him and offering support using the song “We are family” by Sister Sledge, making it known that a handful of his actors still think highly of him.

In contrast, another theater student Ben Halfon (‘24) provided his insight on the recent protests.

“They [protestors] do not have the leverage to protest because I believe they are not reputable and high in demand, and don’t have much experience. They do not have enough on their back to say, ‘you have to pay me more’,” he said.

The controversy of who is in the right and who is in the wrong remains blurred to the public. However, the former actors continue to retaliate and bring attention to the alleged accusations.