Green Hope’s New Counselor Brings Insight and Experience

Jason Rong, Opinion Editor


Ms. Corey is Green Hope’s newest counselor, and says she enjoys getting to know and help her students (photo by Samir Tusneem

Hey Falcons – guess what? We have a new counselor at Green Hope High School!

Days Before Green Hope

Prior to becoming a counselor at Green Hope High School, Ms. Sarah Corey worked as a teacher for 25 years. She loved working as a teacher and helping students with their academic problems. But over time, she found out that she enjoyed getting to know her students and helping them navigate through life more. This newfound understanding inspired her to become a counselor and led her to Green Hope High School. 

Setting Foot on the Campus of Green Hope

When asked to describe Green Hope in one word, Ms. Corey said, “welcoming,” with a smile. After taking a moment to reflect, Ms. Corey continued, “Everyone at Green Hope, including the parents, has been nothing but welcoming to me.” Although it’s only been two months since Ms. Corey first set foot on the campus of Green Hope, she has already felt the competitive atmosphere of Green Hope and is aware of the stress that students have to deal with on a daily basis. “If I could say something to the students that are stressed out right now, I would say keep your head up. Most of our lives are lived after the age of eighteen. There are many possibilities to reach your goal, not just one.” Moving forward, Ms. Corey wants to support her students and help them succeed, not just academically but as a person overall. 

Life Outside Green Hope

Ms. Corey describes her after-school life as healthy and physically demanding; she loves camping and immersing herself in the great outdoors. Besides camping, she enjoys hiking with her two adorable dogs. While hiking with her, you might catch her listening to her favorite album, SO by Peter Gabriel, on repeat. SO came out when she graduated from high school, and she has fond memories of SO. 

Ms. Corey is the counselor for students last names Ni-Si, and can be contacted at [email protected]