Splashing to the finish: GH Swim and Dive 22-23

Aditi Bhadauria, Sports Editor

With the continuation of a successful season, the Green Hope Swimming & Diving team is finishing off this winter with measured success. As February wraps up, the team, along with winning the overall SWAC conference, ended Regionals at Greensboro Aquatic Center with a Women´s first-place finish and a Men´s second-place finish. Green Hope had the highest points in the 4A Central Region. The regional diving competition had top 20 finishes from our divers Eva Bostwick (´26) and Aksel Peppers (´25)- all contributing to the team’s triumphs.

The women’s swim team achieved high accomplishments at the 4A North Carolina State Championships: foreseeing podium finishes and top 10 races. Andie Quisumbing (´24) got fifth in the 100-yard butterfly, with Abby Prucha (‘23) getting eighth in the 100-yard fly as well. Mere Whelehan (‘25) got first place in the 100 & 200-yard freestyle and Mia Jeltema (‘25) got sixth in the 100-yard breaststroke while getting ninth in the 200-yard medley as well.

As the relays came along; the women’s 200-yard free relay consisting of Angelina Lu (´26), Mere Whelehan, Lindsay Lauver (´25), and Andie Quisumbing wrapped up a close race by getting fourth. To wrap up the evening: swimmers Kyley Lloyd (‘26), Mere Whelehan, Mia Jeltema, and Andie Quisumbing swam fast to withhold second place in the 400-yard free relay. The Green Hope Women’s Swimming team overall got third in the state!

The men’s swim team ended this winter strong as well, with podium finishes at the 4A North Carolina State Championships to get fifth in the state. Landon Lloyd (´24) got second in the 200-yard freestyle, with Colin Whelehan ending the 200 and 100-yard fly with impressive second-place finishes. The Men’s 200-yard relay consisting of Brian Farrell (´24), Landon Lloyd, Garlen Mei (´23), and Colin Whelehan got on the podium with a speedy third-place finish.

Finishing off the meet, the same four swimmers were on the relay for the 400-yard free, ending strong with a fourth-place finish. The Green Hope Men’s Swimming team overall got fifth in the state!

The impressive record of the regular season resulted in an undefeated record overall in the SWAC Conference, all at Triangle Aquatic Center. With a couple of close meets being capped off by our close winning relays, collectively the Men and Women’s swim team at every regular meet was ready to race and yet again dominate another meet.

As the season first started with a new coach, Coach Matthew Mosher emphasized the goal setting of the importance of team building to better contribute to the by-products of successes like regionals and states. As the team went forward with the season: team lunches, dinners, and more brought everyone together to get ready to swim collectivity. 

Coming up for next winter, Coaches Matthew Mosher and Claire White plan to bring this success into another dominant season for the 2023-24 year. Mosher states, “I would describe this season as fun, educational and successful. The energy that this group has created this season has really contributed to some really good swims.” As swimmers acclimated once again to the early morning practices and late-night meets, Coach White expresses, “I saw how bringing the team closer together combined with the energy of when the athletes are done swimming and they come over and they’re excited right, that’s what we really want to see coming from this team.”

The season officially is wrapping up, with another winter of cheering on teammates during close relays and successfully demonstrating the right mindset as to being student-athletes: swimmers on the team express gratitude and hopefulness as to what’s to come- as seniors conclude their season with Green Hope. With a successful senior recognition at the SWAC Conference meet, the regular season with the state championships closed out the Swimming & Diving Team’s season.