Integrating new hobbies in a still uncertain world

Sophia Melin, Staff Writer

The 2020 lockdown threw the life-work balance out the window. For some this means transforming into a fitness freak and others reclining into a pro-lounger lifestyle. With a surplus of free time, leisure was redefined. 

The pandemic gave society the opportunity to immerse themselves in interests they’ve always wanted to do but never had the time, resembling a forgotten taste of childhood. The current world pressed resume and the so-called “Covid hobbies” collect dust, pushed to the backburner. 

Who has the time for hobbies anyway? 

On average, Americans spend about 15 years of their life watching television. This means free time is in abundance, but mostly spent in front of a screen. Having a hobby is possible if it is prioritized and scheduled. Time management is key. To calculate if your priorities align with where your free time is spent, click here.

Why should you have a hobby?

Promotes flow and perspective

In this age, work and productivity dominate our schedules. Hobbies are seen as frivolous and a waste of time. But in reality, pursuing interests outside of work revives the energy needed for maximum productivity. Specialization in skills helps understanding of other areas outside of the familiar, promoting creativity. When swamped with work, hobbies serve as an outlet to walk away and come back with fresh eyes. 

Makes you more interesting

Hobbies can branch into all parts of your life. Whether it helps spark conversation with friends or adults, or acts as something fun to separate your school life from your personal life, hobbies add more layers to your identity and more richness to your self concept. 

Increases patience 

Let’s face it– chances are the moment you pick up a hobby you won’t be an immediate prodigy. However, this does not mean that hobbies are not worth sticking with! A hobby simply means something that is done regularly, not every single day. Slowly, but surely, skills accumulate overtime, serving as a test of personal diligence. 

Brings confidence and self-esteem

Your interests define who you want to be and who you want to surround yourself with. Hobbies can reveal what you are interested in and what kinds of people you want to befriend. Social media has opened many doors to find communities that share your interests, opening the floodgates for important lessons and exposure to new ideas. 

What hobbies should you try first?


Books serve as a portal to other worlds. If you dislike reading, more often than not, you have simply not found the right book. The books read in English class are limited. Be sure to investigate what kinds of books you might be interested in and ask friends for recommendations. It may take some time to find a book that’s right for you. Even bookworms often dislike their current read.

An audio book is an alternative for those who struggle to sit down and concentrate when reading.

Try out an instrument

Don’t worry about not having the best equipment in the world. All musicians start somewhere. Even Steve Lacy started making hits using the app GarageBand on his iPhone 6. It has become easier to pick up an instrument now than ever before. We have something that musicians of the past did not– Youtube! There’s no better time to search up a tutorial to learn how to play your favorite song.



Check out some of the most acclaimed trails in The Triangle here. (Dave Hoefler)


As spring approaches, the great outdoors is a foolproof hobby to take part in. Put in some headphones, get your endorphins going and head outside to escape the stress of daily life. Even going for walks in your neighborhood can aid in a mental reset while you get exercise.