Felicity Falcon: Soaring with friends

Felicity Falcon, Advice-Giver-in-Chief

Hello Green Hope! It’s Felicity Falcon here with some tips, tricks and advice to get through the school year. We recently received a question which has been popular amongst students: How do I socialize more and make more friends? Well, I’ve compiled a list of things that may help students broaden their social life!

Be yourself

Though most people today believe ‘being yourself’ is silly, this matter still stands. By acting as yourself, you are more likely to attract others that will genuinely like you for you. Additionally, it is important to be like yourself, only then can you act in a way that is more genuine and sincere to you. To be able to socialize and make friends is to first be able to simply be you.

Actively listen and respond to others 

Introduce yourself, but also intently listen to others and respond to them in a meaningful way. Others will come to like you when they know that you are listening and actively responding to what they are saying. Rather than waiting for them to finish so that you can have your turn to speak, listen to them and respond to what they are saying. Build off of it, and let your conversations flow naturally. This makes socializing a lot easier to do.

Talk to people at the beginning of the semester

It’s much easier to make friends with new people when it is the beginning of the year, or the semester. As the first semester is wrapping up, you can take the opportunity to talk to people at your table. This can be as simple as asking them for help, but who knows, maybe this kind of relationship can blossom further into the future as a real friendship. 

Join local organizations and school clubs 

Socializing and making friends come even easier with finding others that share similar passions and interests as you do. Joining local organizations that strive for differing topics and joining a variety of school clubs helps with this! Gravitating to others with similar interests, or just having a topic to talk about makes socializing generally easier for all.

Talk to friends of friends

Chances are that you already have something in common. If you’re nervous about talking with people, having your friend there as moral support will help ease you into conversation. Have your friends introduce you to their friends, you’re bound to make connections that way! Additionally, getting to know the other person’s passions or interests through your friends ahead of time, may help you to know who you’re likely to click with better as well.

Whether it be school, friendships or drama, Felicity Falcon is here to provide timely advice for all types of problems. If you would like to request an advice column, feel free to fill out my Google Form! Tune in next time for more tips – Felicity Falcon out!