The Green Hope Grapple: Another wrestling win


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Green Hope Wrestling won the grapple competing against 21 other schools.

Raj Kirtikar, Staff Writer

On Friday, December 2 and Saturday, December 3, 21 schools traveled to Green Hope High School to compete in the 2022 Green Hope Grapple. The Falcons were able to come out on top and seize the victory. 

Due to the number of schools participating, the matches took place in not only the gym and auxiliary gym but the cafeteria as well. The grapple consisted of 11 rounds with the round of 32, the round of 16, three consolation rounds, semifinals, consolation quarterfinals, consolation semifinals, consolation finals, and the championship finals. 

When asked about the event, Max Hauptmann (‘24), a first-year wrestler, stated, “It was a great experience bringing several schools together and playing one of the oldest sports known to man. Wrestling is a great sport because it’s mostly about technique and strong people can be humbled by those not so strong.” 

Keo Rollin (‘24) described the event as an amazing experience that was filled with entertainment. “Overall, the grapple was a really cool experience at Green Hope that was immensely fun to watch and participate in. The entire first floor of Green Hope was packed with wrestlers from all over with a total of 21 schools. Many of my teammates made it far in the tournament and won first place for their weight classes. Green Hope ended up winning the entire tournament and it was amazing to be a part of it”, Rollin noted. 

Some notable highlights for Green Hope included Jackson Ealy (‘23) being awarded the most outstanding wrestler of the tournament and winning the championship finals in the 132 weight class, John Domencic (‘23) winning the championship Finals in the 285 weight class, and Zach Benavente (‘23) winning the championship finals in the 138 weight class. In the consolation finals, Green Hope had Hutson Catullo (‘26) as a winner. 

Green Hope Wrestling’s next event takes place on December 7 at Panther Creek High School.