Mrs. Jane Siebert named Green Hope’s teacher of the year



Mrs. Cleveland

Biology and Marine Ecology teacher, Mrs. Robinette, offers a celebratory hug to Mrs. Seibert.

Joseph Pollard, Staff Writer

After a long period of nominations, Green Hope’s 2022 Teacher of the Year award was given to Mrs. Jane Siebert, one of Green Hope’s physics teachers.

A hardworking woman born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Mrs. Siebert had her sights set on teaching physics from the beginning. She graduated from West Virginia Wesleyan College, double majoring in physics and secondary education. Mrs. Siebert began her teaching career at East Wake High School when their former physics teacher quit.

Currently, she is in her 20th year teaching in Wake County. Throughout her journey, she has made countless unforgettable memories. Her favorite experiences include when, “a struggling student has an aha moment and figures a hard concept out either on their own or [with] support from [her].”

When she’s not giving it her all in the classroom, Mrs. Siebert enjoys running, connecting with family, and reading books. She deeply loves her husband and three-year-old son, Ryan, putting in the hours to make sure they are just as successful as her students at Green Hope.

Mrs. Siebert feels it is “an honor” to win the title of Teacher of the Year. “To be recognized and selected for my teaching by my peers means a lot to me,” she said. “Teaching is a profession that requires a lot of work and growth. By being selected it helps me realize that people can see my hard work and growth.”

Mrs. Siebert extended a thank you to her fellow instructors in the Green Hope Science department for their support, as well as her husband and son for being understanding of her heavy workload. Moving forward, she plans to serve on the School Improvement Team and act as a mentor to new teachers. She is dedicated to making Green Hope the very best it can be, and says she is, “always learning and bringing [her] best to [her] classes day to day.”

All of us from the Green Hope Falcon wish her our fervent congratulations, and appreciate everything she does for the school!