Election Update: Wake County School Board members chosen


Nine seats for nine districts in the Wake County Board of Education.

Sana Youssef, Staff Writer

With midterm elections happening only two days ago, below are the Wake County school board member results. The results also include information on the two referendums that were listed at the end of the North Carolina ballot. 

Wake County Board of Education District 1

Winning the election with 58% of the votes, Cheryl Caulfield is ambitious for this new term. She values quality education and is highly determined to provide support for teachers. Caulfield affirmatively believes teachers are not paid appropriately due to the lack of support from administration. She also envisions a stronger curriculum focused on math and reading to remove ineffective programs that hinder teachers’ ability to help students thrive. 

Wake County Board of Education District 2

Monika Johnson-Hostler has won her fourth term in the election with over 650 votes between her and her opponent, Monica Ruiz. She values integrity and believes that parents need to have a larger voice in the school system by understanding their concerns as a board member. With her platform, she believes that all students deserve equal educational opportunities because of today’s advanced technology. 

Wake County Board of Education District 3

Being the first Chinese-American to run for this position, Wing Ng won the election with a ballot count of 25,479. He believes that what determines someone’s future is not through demographics, rather, through a plethora of skills and traits like hard work and strong perseverance. He strives to include patriotism in every classroom from an unbiased account. 

Wake County Board of Education District 4

Tara Waters won the midterm election with over 63% of the votes. Her most prioritized values are equity and trust. She aspires to build a strong connection with her community and develop a path for future student success.

Wake County Board of Education District 5

Having an immense gap between her and her opponent Jackie Boegel, Lynn Edmonds won the election by 9,722 votes. She aims to conquer staff shortages, build equity and ensure school safety. Edmonds strives to be a leader for public schools who will advocate the needs of both students and teachers. She will ensure equitable resources, instill better working conditions and provide mental health support systems. She is dedicated to experience, knowledge and commitment. 

Wake County Board of Education District 6

Sam Hershey won the election with a ballot count of 20,765. Hershey firmly believes that with integrity, transparency, inclusiveness and open-mindness, Wake County schools will continue to thrive in the future. He believes that students deserve the utmost education they can receive and he promises to make that happen within his platform. 

Wake County Board of Education District 7

Chris Heagarty has won the election again with over 50% of the votes. As a four-year returning board member, he strives to continue his work in accelerating academic recovery due to the impediments of COVID-19. He is ambitious to recruit and retain high-performing teachers, and he is committed to protecting all students from any form of intolerance or harassment. 

Wake County Board of Education District 8

Running for reelection, Lindsay Mahaffey won the midterm election with almost 60% of the votes. Her main goal is to put students into perspective and always have them at the center of everything that is done. She is a strong supporter of teachers and promotes competitive pay. Thus, teachers will continue to perform at their best and accomplish the goals necessary to create successful students in the classroom. 

Wake County Board of Education District 9

Former high school Special Education teacher Tyler Swanson has won 55% of the votes in the midterm election. Among many of the schools in the area, Green Hope ranges within District 9. Swanson aims to bring his experience into every classroom through his high motivation in public service. Filled with ambition, new perspectives and a fresh voice, Swanson is ready to interact one-on-one with his community. As his motto says, “service to others is the rent we pay to live on Earth.”

Wake County School Bonds Referendum 

With over 70% voter approval for this referendum, Wake County will facilitate a $530.7 million bond for school facilities. One of the main reasons the county pushed for this bond was because of the rising inflation and interest rates. This bond would fund, build and potentially improve school facilities during the 2023-24 and 2024-25 school year.  

Wake County Community College Bonds Referendum

A $353.2 million bond has been approved by 69% of votes to better equip and improve community college facilities like Wake Technical Community College. By approving this bond, there will be enough money to construct, renovate and expand these current facilities to establish the best possible education for all students. 


For more information regarding the election, visit https://er.ncsbe.gov/