Twitter’s future remains uncertain after Elon Musk’s acquisition


Marten Bjork

Twitter continues to be impacted by Elon Musk’s new acquisition of the platform.

Joseph Pollard, Staff Writer

On October 27th, Elon Musk finalized his purchase of Twitter for 44 billion dollars, igniting worldwide controversy in the days that followed. While some users supported and celebrated the buyout, others expressed concern about the prominent platform’s future.

For years, Twitter has faced scrutiny from conservative politicians and communities for the perceived censorship of their ideals. They disapprove of the platform’s “cancel culture,” referring to mass boycotts and shunning of individuals for actions or beliefs deemed unadmirable. However, post-purchase, many Republicans celebrated, including former President Donald Trump who is “very happy that Twitter is now in sane hands.”

On the contrary, progressives and liberals are worried about what this change in leadership means for Twitter users’ safety, especially those belonging to marginalized communities. Shortly after the deal closed, an influx of anti-LGBTQ, racist and misogynistic posts struck the site. According to the Network Contagion Research Institute, use of the N-word increased by five hundred percent only half a day after the completion of the deal.

Twitter’s chair of Safety and Integrity, Yoel Roth, created a thread shortly after the incident. He noted that “a small number of accounts post a ton of tweets that include slurs and other derogatory terms, further adding that upwards of 50,000 tweets including a “particular slur” had come from a mere three-hundred accounts. Roth attributed the mass tweets to a potential trolling campaign by an outside platform, but has reassured that the situation will be addressed.

“Twitter’s policies haven’t changed,” Roth claimed. “Hateful conduct has no place here, and we’re taking steps to put a stop to an organized effort to make people think we have.”

Elon Musk himself further addressed the situation and how the content policy has not yet changed. He tweeted that Twitter will form a committee on content moderation with “widely diverse viewpoints,” and that “no major content decisions or account restatements will happen before that council convenes.” However, Musk himself has come under fire for his response to a recent tweet by Hillary Clinton.

Despite the many changes in Twitter’s management slated to take place, what will become of the social media giant and its user base is uncertain. Despite this, the new CEO reassured that the site “cannot become a free-for-all hellscape” and will remain “warm and welcoming to all.”