Kid Cudi: New album, new persona?

Aditi Bhadauria, Sports Editor

Kid Cudi took a different approach to songwriting with the release of his newest album: “Entergalactic”. In relation to his other works, the emotions behind this album contrasted from the usual solemn meanings of his music. It was prevalent that Kid Cudi rediscovered his passion for a more lighthearted-romantic view of music.

Many know Cudi for his most popular songs: “Pursuit of Happiness”, “Mr.Rager” and “Day ‘n’ Nite”. These songs center around emotions of despair as Cudi expresses his mental state through his music. However, with his latest album, he worked on captivating feelings of euphoria and love. Another feature of this album was the focus on a more positive era of Kid Cudi’s life; a vast contrast to his prior works. Growing with a new perspective, Kid Cudi has transitioned into a “love heals all” mindset which he brings into his discography.

 Listening to this album, I really enjoyed the emotion Cudi brought throughout it. My favorite songs were Angel, Ignite the Love and Willing To Trust because the lyrics in combination with the flow of the song were more personal and filled with significance. I didn’t enjoy the ending of the album because it wasn’t as conclusive as I felt it should have been. To me an album is presented like a story, I felt a song towards the end would have added further significance to the overall emotion. 

Many are speculating about this being Kid Cudi’s last album as he is slowly branching out to new possibilities in his career. With the release of his animated Netflix movie: “Entergalactic” he is receiving tons of positive feedback from critics. However, his listeners are worried that due to this he will step away from the music industry, viewing the album as a conclusion to a chapter of Kid Cudi’s life.

Kid Cudi and his new persona brought forth his latest album. I personally think his animated Netflix movie was too successful to stop there. Even if he takes a step back from his music career, his passion and dedication is showing out in other forms of artistry.