Homecoming Outfits: One Stop Shops


Satria Aditya

Homecoming is the perfect occasion to pull out a more casual look or go all out with jewels and sparkles.

Aarushi Mandal, Editorial/Opinion Editor

For most students, homecoming is at the top of their list of autumn activities. However, with it being less than a week away, people find themselves scrambling for the perfect dress, shoes, and accessories. With such a lack of time, it may be necessary to scrap leisurely shopping and focus on efficiency. Here is a list of one stop shops that will be sure to pull together a timely homecoming look!

Princess Polly

Princess Polly has definitely gained popularity among Green Hope students this homecoming season. With a section on their website strictly reserved for homecoming, it’s nearly impossible to come out with an empty cart. Princess Polly provides dresses ranging in color, style and silhouette; meaning there is an option for everyone. Princess Polly also provides a vast selection of accessories, which can enhance any homecoming outfit!


Although some people don’t want to spend a lot of money on the dance, if there is a little extra in the homecoming budget, be sure to check out ASOS. High prices aside, the website provides a plethora of choices and the quality never disappoints. Besides dresses, ASOS has endless amounts of bags, shoes and jewelry. With such a variety of products, it is the perfect place to drop in for any last minute homecoming needs.


Windsor remains one of the most well known online and in person avenues for dresses. It is perfect for anyone who wants to try on their dress before committing to a decision, but the array of colors and designs may make the choice difficult! Although lacking in the accessories department by not selling shoes, Windsor can still be considered a reliable and convenient place to short for your desired homecoming dress.


Amazon is and continues to be one of the most convenient places to shop. With homecoming being just a week away, convenience is key. Most don’t consider it to be an appropriate place to buy homecoming dresses, but the reality is that Amazon has a lot of options. Along with variety, Amazon Prime eliminates the need to worry about delivery dates. Even for non-prime users, the site ships items fairly quickly which is especially important when shopping last minute. 

Although dresses are an important factor, there’s a lot more to homecoming. It’s the perfect week to get together with friends and make school a lot more fun. Spirit days and pep rallies make the most of the experience, so it’s important to show up and show out for the school! With the help of these last minute stops, the preparation process will be made much easier before the dance this Saturday!