You Should Go: The Moore Square Vintage Market

Naomi Troiano, Staff Writer

The Moore Square Vintage Market has made a return this year! Located in Downtown Raleigh, this event has claimed the title of the triangle’s largest outdoor vintage clothing market. The market, which has been open to the public twice this past spring, is scheduled to return on Saturday June 25th and Saturday July 30th. If you are a lover of clothing or vintage fashion, this event is worth the trip to Raleigh. 

 The Vintage Market is open from 12 am to 5 pm. We recommend arriving earlier rather than later in the day, so that you can beat the crowd to the best finds. We also recommend bringing a tote bag to hold your purchases in, since the majority of the vendors do not offer packaging. You’ll want to bring a drink or purchase one, because the market is very large and it will be hot out. Additionally, you should plan on using cash to make any purchase, rather than a credit or debit card (some vendors will accept Venmo).  

Green Hope Sophomore Keo Rollin attended the last market. “I had a really good time at the vintage market. I found a lot of new clothes, including some really cool t-shirts,” Rollin said. “Overall, I think it was a fun experience and I would definitely recommend going.” Junior Aubrey Sigler also had a positive experience at the market. She thought that the design and atmosphere of the market was particularly impressive. “I really liked the way that the market was set up., specifically how it was all in a circle. I also liked how they had fun music playing the entire time,” Sigler reflected. 

A wide variety of clothing and accessories are sold at the market, including women’s clothing, men’s clothing, jewelry, and footwear. Even if you don’t want to purchase anything, the clothing at the market is very interesting to simply look at. Moore Square will also offer food at the market, including a restaurant located in the park as well as food trucks. Outdoor games, including corn-hole, can be played in the middle field at Moore Square. 

Whether you plan on stopping by for just a second or spending the entire day shopping, we believe it is worth giving Moore Square Vintage Market a thought. The address for the market’s location is 226 E Martin St, Raleigh NC 27601.