It’s Comeback Season for Women’s Soccer


Courtesy of Green Hope Women's Soccer Team Instagram

Women’s soccer posing with the Fight for 55 sign after beating Panther Creek on PC’s home field!

Jason Rong, Opinion Editor

The Green Hope Women’s soccer team has been working tirelessly. The players practice for 1.5 hours a day and attend three games a week. Despite their efforts, the road to success hasn’t been easy. On March 30th, Apex Friendship scored two goals on the soccer team, handing the Falcons a 2-0 defeat. Instead of walking away from this defeat with a sense of sorrow, the soccer team left with valuable lessons.

“My main take away from that (Apex) game was that our new formation is working well to limit goal-scoring opportunities for opponents, but that we must do a better job of possessing the ball to have a chance to score ourselves,” said Jason Wolfe, the coach of the Women’s soccer team. 

Taking away from the Apex game, the team has been able to make a comeback. On April 4th, the Falcons beat Panther Creek 4-1 and added more points to the Fight for 55. Coach Jason Wolfe applauds the team’s sense of community even against tough competition. “They are a hard-working group of girls who like to have fun. I admire how positive/mentally tough they have remained despite our current record.”

The team is currently 3-8-1 with hope to improve their record.

Coach Wolfe has one final thought about the season, “We will keep doing the best we can.  I don’t foresee any tactical changes.  Our goal for the season at the halfway point (decided on by the players on Monday at practice) is to try and win 6 games total–we need 3 more wins to get there and then I will reward them with an ice cream party.”