What’s The Word on Wordle?


Lucas Moore

Wordle has taken the world, Green Hope included, by storm – challenging players to guess a mystery 5-letter word every day.

Lucas Moore, Editor-in-Chief

One question has been circulating through friend circles and group chats over the past couple months: “have you done the Wordle?”

Wordle is a word game that has taken the internet by storm this Winter. Created by Josh Wardle, the aim is to guess a random five-letter word in six attempts or less. As the puzzle progresses, letters are shown in different colors, indicating how close the input guess is to that day’s solution. Every day at midnight the game generates a new word, which has catapulted Wordle into the daily routines of teachers, students, and others across the world.

Everyone approaches Wordle with a different strategy, especially when it comes to a starting word. Green Hope students and teachers use words such as irate, ghoul, arose, and table in hopes of getting several correct letters on their first guess. “That way I cover all of the vowels and a few of the most common letters,” English teacher Mr. Coby Coyle said of his strategy.

Players generally start Wordle with a word containing lots of vowels and common consonants (Lucas Moore)

But some players prefer not to start with a specific word. Some pick whatever occurs to them, while others look for the first 5-letter word on their Spotify playlist that day. In the words of Delaney Flanagan (‘22), it’s “no strategy, just vibes.”

On average, many players at Green Hope guess the Wordle in about 4 tries. Wordle also has a “streak” feature, which tracks how many puzzles you get correct in a row and keeps players coming back day after day. 

When asked what motivates her to play, junior Paris Lewis said, “it’s fun and my friends always compete.” Many find this competitive aspect to be one of the most fun parts of the game. 

Whatever strategy players use, it’s the general consensus that Wordle is a fun part of their day.

Try today’s Wordle and let us know your results below!

How many guesses did it take for you to get the Wordle today?


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