Where I’m From

Jessica Macke

I am from the water
Swirling around me
As the smell of chlorine fills the air

I am from days in the airport and on planes
Chasing the stars across the night
To find where their light shines on a distant land

I am from staying up late
Watching the light of the coming dawn
Waiting for the Reyes to come

I am from the pigeons in the plaza
Wings brushing the towering gates
That guard the city

I am from the campfires
And the smoke that curls around
Words and whispered stories

I am from the freezing water
That stabs like needles
And the hole in the ice above

I am from the walks through the woods
Filled with chirping birds and the wind that whistles
With my destination right ahead

I am from the sea
That ebbs and flows
Each tide bringing a different melody

I am from the snow that falls
Outside a warm house
Filled with the low buzz of conversation

I am from nights under the stars
Holding a flashlight in one hand
Turning a page with the other, ready for the next story