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“We exist and we are here”: Black History Month

Max Spiegel
Green Hope’s Media Center curated a collection of literature by black authors, amplifying diverse voices and narratives.

Previously overlooked pioneers such as Bessie Coleman, Jane Bolin, Wangari Maathai and Frederick McKinley Jones are all examples of people whose spotlights came after their passing. Black History Month celebrates heroes such as these who were overlooked in their lifetime and now celebrated in their afterlife. 

Originating in 1926, Black History Month stands as a celebration of the struggles, contributions and triumphs of black individuals throughout history. This month-long observance evolved into a recognition of the significant impact that black people have made in several fields, including science, literature, arts, sports, politics and civil rights movements. 

In an interview with the GH Falcon, Black Student Association (BSA)  member Gabby Brown (‘25) emphasized the importance of Black History Month within the school community.

“Black History Month is a time of appreciation,” she said. “Black people have accomplished a lot as a people and have come a long way from where we started. It’s a time of community and celebration where we truly dedicate time to what it means to be Black. A lot of times people first associate Black people with our initial history, not to diminish the importance of it, but there is a lot more to us as a people that Black History Month is truly able to bring to light.”

With Green Hope’s black students comprising five percent of the entire student body, BSA’s presence resonates even more profoundly as a symbol of inclusivity and representation. BSA member Ciara Wiseman (‘25) provided her thoughts.

“I feel like 5% is definitely not enough to feel like we’re being represented,” she said. “That’s also down from last year where I believe it was 9%. The school is doing a good job with trying to make us feel represented, but when there’s so much diversity among other groups, it’s difficult without someone getting misrepresented or just simply not represented.”

Reflecting on the sentiments of Wiseman, Brown offers a nuanced perspective on representation and diversity within the Green Hope community.

“It truly depends on what you see diversity as. When I initially thought about diversity, I thought about equal representation from each country, race [or] origin. But no school would be diverse if that was the case. I reworded it to be a representation from everywhere. Whether there is a 5% black population and almost 50% white population, we exist and we are here.”

Whether there is a 5% black population and almost 50% white population, we exist and we are here.

— Gabby Brown ('25)

Green Hope’s BSA continues to celebrate the achievements and contributions of Black individuals throughout history while also fostering solidarity among students of all backgrounds. 

Throughout the month of February, communities, schools and organizations worldwide engage in a plethora of activities, in forms of presentations, performances and discussions aimed at promoting unity and understanding. Black History Month encourages conversation, fosters empathy and confronts systemic inequality and racism in all forms.  

“Though it is a time dedicated to our history and where we’ve come from, it’s also a time that everyone can learn from and collectively experience. Sometimes you will see one of our members on the GH Falcon News or hear someone on the announcements with an interesting fact about the time,” said Brown. 

In front of the Media Center are bulletin boards highlighting the impactful contributions made by Black Americans.

During this month-long celebration, BSA has promoted educational and cultural enrichment through discussions on important black historical figures and collaborating with other in-school clubs, such as the Latino club to ensure that communities such as Afro-Latinos can be celebrated and properly acknowledged. 

BSA has also forged a collaborative partnership with the Green Hope Media Center by putting up interesting facts about different historical figures at the front and creating a dedicated section for black authors, providing students with a platform to explore diverse narratives and perspectives.

Brown shares a personal reflection, highlighting the significance of honoring Black History Month.

“Sharing the impact of celebrating Black History Month has been eye-opening,” said Brown. “I was surprised by how much is still left uncovered and unknown to the general public about Black History Month. It’s true that the month doesn’t share the same importance all around and to everyone, … nonetheless, it’s a time we truly enjoy and a period where Black people truly make an effort to come together.”

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