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Do you want to ask that special someone out on a date for Valentine’s Day? Having trouble deciding on the perfect gift for them? Here’s everything you need to know to navigate your way to success.
As Valentines Day approaches, many find themselves nervous and unprepared for asking their special someone on a date. This step-by-step guide provides an effortless how-to guaranteed to score you a date on this special night.
As Valentine’s Day approaches, many find themselves nervous and unprepared for asking their special someone on a date. This step-by-step guide provides an effortless how-to guaranteed to score you a date on this special night.
Love is in the air ...
Love is in the air …

As Feb. 14 approaches, love is in the air… at least for some Green Hope students. Whether it’s married couples or week-long middle school relationships, having somebody to celebrate Valentine’s Day with makes it incredibly special. If you find yourself struggling to find a date before this special holiday and are worried about spending Feb. 14 alone, this article is your how-to for attracting a lovely individual, and hopefully, igniting a spark that lasts beyond one night.

Prioritizing yourself is imperative to looking and feeling your best — it can take place in various ways, whether that be self-care or taking some down time. (Peggy Chen)
Prioritize yourself

With only a couple of weeks before the big day, it’s going to be nearly impossible to make major changes to your appearance in a healthy way. However, there are plenty of ways to enhance your appearance in the days you have left. 

For one, devote time to taking care of your skin, hair and nails. If you are trying to find that special someone, try not to roll out of bed five minutes before you have to leave the house (yes, people can tell). 

Start with a shower and avoid extremely hot water, even though it’s cold outside, because it can be damaging to your skin. Be sure to spend ample time fixing your hair with a comb, brush, conditioner, gel or even just the simple combination of your hands and water. 

After your shower, establish a routine to use for your skin every morning, and be consistent with your product usage. Keep a habit of brushing your teeth two times a day – and no, a piece of gum does not work. Be sure to apply deodorant and some type of perfume, cologne or body spray (we advise anything but Axe out of courtesy for those around you). 

Doing these basic steps every morning will give you the best chance of attracting whoever it is you have your eyes on. After a long day of engaging in flirting, skipping around and looking cute, be sure to take time for yourself before bed. Take off any makeup, brush your teeth (yes, again) and take a shower, if you deem it necessary. 

Aside from your hygiene, do your best to start and maintain a healthy nighttime routine. Read a chapter of a book, journal about your love life or do 50 pushups before bed to maintain a healthy body and healthy mind. If you are reading this with hopes of finding a date, we recommend doing all three.

Establish a connection
Establish a connection

Now that you are looking and feeling your best, it’s time to finally make some moves. At this point, you still have some time to slip little hints into conversation. If you procrastinate as much as I did writing this though, you might need to amp up the messages you send and be a little more bold. 

Making your intentions apparent may sound steep, and your ideal date may not even know you exist, and that’s perfectly okay. Start by following them on social media, whether it’s TikTok, Instagram or Snapchat, and do whatever you can to find out a little more about them. We suggest looking at their TikTok reposts to start.

Once you feel that you know enough about them, you can start initiating a friendly conversation. If they roam the halls at Green Hope, try to maintain eye contact for a second or two before building up the courage to walk up to them. Mention something you know they are interested in – maybe it’s a sports game, a class they are in or a certain store they love to shop at. 

After they respond, do your best to sneak in a related compliment about something they made an effort on or a decision about. Try to avoid compliments about their eyes or body and focus on small things like their performance at a game last night or the type of earrings they chose to wear that day. The trick is to be unique in your complements, but not come off as weird or creepy. Be sure through this first conversation you connect with them and establish a similarity between you two in some way. People love to be around others that share similar interests or traits, so as naturally as you can, highlight a likeness the two of you share.

This first conversation might happen to take place online. Follow the same steps by making a connection about the snap they sent you or what they posted about. It will be harder to compliment them about something specific online, so do your best to save that step when you see your crush in person.

Remember to build off the first conversation as best you can. Try to initiate a couple more conversations and look to see if the other person reciprocates interest in you.

Asking your date out can be nerve wracking, but remember to maintain a calm demeanor and rely on the hard work you put into your preparation.
Make your move

You now arrive at the most important, and most difficult, step: asking the question (no, not for them to marry you). This is something best done face to face, because if you follow the iconic Lenny Feder’s (played by Adam Sandler in Grown Ups) three-step plan, you are sure to succeed. 

The first step to land a date is to make them laugh or even smile. Crack a funny joke in class or tell them a funny story when you are walking in the hallway with them. As long as they seem somewhat interested in you, they will likely crack a smile, even if your jokes aren’t top-tier.

The next step is critical: compliment their smile. One of the easiest ways to make someone blush is by saying, “Oh, you have a pretty smile,” or, “Wow, you have a nice smile”. Sliding this compliment in will make them feel good right before you ask the question you’ve been waiting to ask.

Execution is key. You’ve done all the hard work leading up to this moment. Have confidence, take a deep breath and rip the bandaid off. To ensure success, come prepared with some of their favorite candy or a pretty flower. Yes, guys like flowers too.

Wording is everything. Based on their personality, structure your question to match them. If they are super serious about everything, a classic: “Will you be my Valentine?” suffices. However, if they are more easy-going and laid back, add a little personality into the question – include an inside joke or ask them in a tacky way. You can also just ask them to go out with you if you still have time before Feb. 14.

Asking your date out can be nerve wracking, but remember to maintain a calm demeanor and rely on the hard work you put into your preparation. (Justin Jackson)
And ... voila!
And … voila!

At the end of the day, regardless of how tough it might feel, a rejection puts you in the same position as before you asked them: lonely and sad (don’t lie – if you were happy being single you wouldn’t be reading this). If they say no, move on to someone else. There’s plenty of fish in the sea (maybe not plenty for you, but still). 

At this point, if you followed all of the above guidelines, we’re completely confident that you have it in the bag. Whenever you are with your brand new significant other, be yourself and deepen the connection you have with them. Celebrate – but please not right in front of them – because we know that finding a date is an amazing feeling. Take them out to a nice restaurant, on a romantic walk in the park or to a cute activity to do together. Have fun on your special day and cherish the memories you make. 

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