A perfect Valentine’s

A perfect Valentines
Valentine’s Day gift guide: adorable & affordable
Valentine’s Day gift guide: adorable & affordable

When Valentine’s Day is mentioned, people typically think of two things: romance and gifts. Along with the romance Valentine’s Day provides, it also adds pressure on to couples to get the perfect gift. As February 14 approaches, couples are faced with choosing the ideal gifts. The GH Falcon has compiled a list of some simple, in-budget gifts that are perfect for your partner on Valentine’s Day.


Flowers are widely accepted as the staple of Valentine’s Day and are known as an overall romantic gesture. Since they are sold at nearly every grocery store in the area, they’re an extremely accessible gift, no matter where you live. There are many different types of flowers and flower arrangements that anyone can buy, however in order to elevate this gesture, the option of creating your own arrangement adds to the romance of the gift. If you know your date’s favorite flower, or color, incorporate it into the bouquet you’re making to show you truly know them. 


Valentine’s Day dinners carry the misconception that they need to be fancy and grand, which in turn makes them expensive, but this is not the truth. Oftentimes, going out on Valentine’s Day will be much harder because reservations book up quickly and restaurants are packed. As a gift to your date, a homemade meal that they love will mean more than sitting in an overcrowded, overpriced restaurant. Personalize the meal by making their favorite sides and entrees to acknowledge that you pay attention to their likes. On top of this, you could turn it into a date night by cooking the meal together.

Sentimental Gifts

Not all gifts have to be bought at a store! Oftentimes handmade gifts mean more to the person receiving them. It’s as simple as a handwritten note that can express your appreciation for them. If you’re not overly good with words, you can print out your favorite pictures you have as a couple. Decorating a picture frame or a scrapbook is a meaningful way to highlight the good memories you have together. The misconception that more money means a better gift is completely inaccurate; sentimental gifts show thoughtfulness.


A go-to gift for all holidays, not just Valentine’s Day, is jewelry. A crucial part of buying jewelry is knowing your partner’s preferences. This means knowing if they prefer gold or silver as well as knowing what type of jewelry they wear. Buying earrings for someone who doesn’t have their ears pierced is a waste of money on top of a wasted gesture. Necklaces are typically a safe bet for women and chains are for men. Amazon sells a wide variety of options that are cute and inexpensive, serving as a great gift. 

Staple items

Staple items are add-ons to the main gift that you are providing. A simple additional gift would be a blanket or cute room decor that you think your partner would like. If you want to customize the gift more, get them a sweatshirt you know they would like or their favorite sweatshirt that you own. Also during Valentine’s Day, there are staple items specifically for this holiday. Candy hearts and chocolate-covered strawberries are good examples of food that’s special for the upcoming holiday. 

Affordable date ideas
Affordable date ideas

With Valentine’s around the corner, many couples want to spend quality time together without breaking the bank. A date night doesn’t have to consist of a pricey candle-lit dinner. For your next date inspiration, the GH Falcon created a list of affordable date ideas for you to enjoy with the one you love. 

Browse a bookstore or library

Browsing a bookstore or library is the perfect date for book lovers. Couples can choose books out for each other and spend time reading together in a cozy corner. In Cary, some good libraries to check out are the West Regional Library and Cary Regional Library. You can also visit the closest Barnes & Noble, as there are a few, or Mr. Mike’s Used Books. 

Sunset, sunrise, stars

Watching the sky can be a relaxing activity to enjoy with the one you love. You can lay out a blanket in your lawn and grab some snacks to munch on while waiting for a sunrise or sunset. You could also sit in your car’s trunk and stargaze together. Feel free to set a romantic mood by playing music in the background.

Volunteer together

Hoping to have some fun while serving the community? Volunteering through local organizations is a great way to bond with your partner. Being with someone familiar also helps to pass the time more quickly. In the Triangle, there are plenty of volunteer opportunities, such as helping in festivals and marathons.

Go for a hike

The Triangle area includes a plethora of parks for the community to enjoy. Hiking and enjoying the view can be a fun date activity, especially for couples who enjoy the outdoors. In Cary, Fred G. Bond Metro Park, North Cary Park and Downtown Cary Park are some of the most popular destinations. Downtown Cary Park, located in the heart of Downtown Cary, is perfect for couples who want to enjoy a cafe or meal after a scenic walk.

Cook or bake together

Cooking a meal or baking a delicious treat is rewarding, especially because you can get both food and bonding time out of the experience. You can go grocery shopping together and then cook from scratch. Some easy things to cook or bake include:

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chicken Parmesan

Blueberry Muffin

Fried Rice

Spending time with the one you love doesn’t have to be expensive. Feel free to explore some of these budget-friendly date ideas for your next get-together!

Quiz: What is your love language?

Knowing your love language useful during this romantic holiday! It can help you tailor your affection towards your loved one and help them tailor towards you!

Will you be my Falcontine?

Love is in the air, and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! This February, many falcons may be looking for a special someone or even a new friend this season. If you aren’t exactly sure who you’re buying candy and flowers for this year, allow Falcontine to help. Fill out this form and let Green Hope’s Cupid do the rest! Click the graphic below to fill out the form.

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