Steven Yongjae Lee, Student Body President



It was an honor to not only serve you as your president for the past three years but make some of the best memories with all of you! It was a long four years journey, but, at the same time, we achieved numerous things, starting from passing the classes to winning any competitions. I want to say the memory that I shared with all of you will always smile at me. Every movement, I cannot say it was fun, but all hardships seem now minuscule as they come to pass, and it seems only good remembering prolongs in the back of my memory. I think this is true for everyone.

As we continue our journey, I am sure there will be challenges, but, just as in high school days, we will conquer them and, perhaps, in retrospect, realize it was nothing at all! Once again, congratulations on successfully finishing the four years of high school life, and thank you for everything you’ve done here :).

Mic Drop,


Your Student Body President

Steven Yongjae Lee